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Which one is better, collagen from mammals or fish
Time:2017-06-28 15:59:57

Which one is better, collagen peptide from mammals (pig, cow) or from fish?

1. In terms of color, fish collagen peptide wins.

The color of collagen peptide extracted from fish scale and skin is white.

The look of the products made from the fish collagen will be much more attractive than from the pig or bovine collagen. Thus the fish collagen with the fine color will be much more popular for some merchants.


2. In terms of biological activity, it is much better from pig/ bovine collagen peptide than from fish collagen peptide, which is reflected in the absorption rate of product.

The reason could be associated with the the content of hydroxyproline.

The proline and hydroxamic acid content in pig/ bovine collagen peptide is much higher than in fish collagen peptide. (the content in pig/ bovine collagen is 9.3-12.6% and 7.7-9.6% in fish collagen).

And also the hydroxyproline content is one of the important indexes to determine the collagen peptide.


3. In terms of biological homology, the homology is much higher between human and animals such as pig, cow which all belong to higher mammals.

The higher biological homology indicates that the similarity is very high between the collagen peptide from pig or bovine and human.