We always use different gelatin in our lives. Such as bovine gelatin, fish gelatin, plant gelatin and so on. Bovine gelatin and fish gelatin belongs to the animal gelatin. So we can distinguish them with their attribute. We can also use animal gelatin make animal gelatin empty capsule. As a gelatin capsule manufacturer, I will introduce it to you.

animal gelatin empty capsule

What is an animal gelatin empty capsule?

The main ingredient of animal-derived capsules is gelatin. Gelatin is a soft and hard capsule. And it made by denaturing and degrading collagen from the bones and skins of animals such as pigs, cattle, and sheep. Ordinary capsules tend to stick to capsules under high humidity conditions and become hard or brittle under low humidity conditions. Moreover, it have a strong dependence on the temperature, humidity and packaging materials of the storage environment. The main ingredient of ordinary capsules is protein. So it’s easy for bacteria and microbes to grow.

We need to add preservatives during the production process. Besides, the finished product needs to sterilize by using ethylene oxide and other methods before packaging to ensure the microbial control indicators of the capsule. Ordinary capsules are stored in an environment of 40℃ and 75% relative humidity for a certain time. They’re going to cross link. Therefore, it will cause the gelatin capsules to burst and disintegrate or prolong the disintegration time.

What are the advantages of our wholesale animal gelatin?

We supply the animal gelatin capsules with harmless food-grade ingredients. Since 16 years ago, as a supplier of gelatin and gelatin capsules, we have controlled the quality from the source of raw material production.When our peers supply a large amount of industrial glue with excessive chromium to India, Russia and other countries to make medicinal capsule shells to make high profits. We have always given up such orders. In addition, we supply gelatin capsules and chromium will never exceed the 2ppm standard. We offer better, healthier and safer capsules.

Our company uses special electronic point gelatin production capsule. So its anti-brittleness is far more than the capsule produced by the same industry. Mass stays longer. When our stock is low, we can also restock from our gelatin capsule partners to meet our customers’ urgent supply needs. In addition, delivery times will be faster. Even if we are not able to produce the capsules of certain specifications, we can quickly commission our gelatin factory to make the capsules you need. So customization is more diverse.

What kind of animal gelatin capsules do we sell wholesale?

The main ingredient of our gelatin hard capsules, gelatin, is a harmless, inexpensive, edible, degradable protein product that is easy to store and use. It is an ideal material. Titanium dioxide acts as a sunscreen, and the colorant makes the capsule colorful. They are all approved additives for food and medicine and are recorded in JECFA. Moreover, the daily acceptable intake of gelatin and titanium dioxide is not limited, and the very small amount of amino acids in gelatin can be ignored. In fact, gelatin widely use by people for more than 100 years. When gelatin is used in pets such as cats and dogs, no obvious harm has been found. Because of these properties, gelatin has dominated capsule production for 100 years.