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Category: Animal gelatin empty capsule

What advantages of animal gelatin capsules we wholesale ?

 We supply the animal gelatin empty capsules with harmless food-grade ingredients. Since 16 years ago, as a supplier of gelatin and gelatin capsules. We have controlled the quality from the source of raw material production. When our peers supply a large amount of industrial glue with excessive chromium to India, Russia and other countries to make medicinal capsule shells to make high profits. Therefore, we have always give up such orders.We supply gelatin for capsules, and chromium will never exceed 2ppm standard. Because the health and safety of capsules are higher. Our company uses special iso-electron point gelatin to produce capsules. In addition, its resistance to brittleness far exceeds that of capsules produced in the same industry. The quality stays longer.When our stock is insufficient, we can also transfer the goods from the gelatin capsule partner to meet the customer’s urgent supply requirements. Therefore, the delivery time will be faster.

Rates of ingredients used for producing animal gelatin capsule

The quality of gelatin hollow capsule has been improved a lot by using ingredients with different rates below:Acid method bone gelatin: 20-30 parts, enzymatic bone gelatin: 20-30 parts, polyacrylic resin: 20-30 parts, malt extract: 2-6 parts, paraben preservative: 0.2-0.8 parts, ethanol :40~60 parts, carrageenan: 5~13 parts, triethyl: 2~5 parts, glycerin: 1~4 parts, titanium dioxide: 0.5~1 parts, magnesium stearate: 1~3 parts, hydroxybenzene Ethyl: 0.1 to 0.3 parts, methyl paraben: 2 to 5 parts, methyl silicone oil: 0.2 to 0.6 parts, food coloring: 1 to 3 parts, purified water: 40 to 70 parts
Gelatin capsule is good to our body
16 Oct
Posted by:   Gel atin

Gelatin capsule is good to our body

Gelatin capsule is always use in our daily life. Because gelatin capsule is good to our body. So we can use it with confidence. Our company, huaxuan gelatin is gelatin capsule sizes company. The raw material of gelatin capsule The gelatin capsule has an inner shell containing a filler and a gelatin outer shell. The […]

animal gelatin empty capsule
08 Oct
Posted by:   Gelatin 005

Animal gelatin empty capsule

We always use different gelatin in our lives. Such as bovine gelatin, fish gelatin, plant gelatin and so on. Bovine gelatin and fish gelatin belongs to the animal gelatin. So we can distinguish them with their attribute. We can also use animal gelatin make animal gelatin empty capsule. What is an animal gelatin empty capsule? […]