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Category: Collagen type II

Types of collagen

There are different types of collagen, and we discovered dozens of them. Among them, connective tissues have mainly find type Ⅰ and Ⅲ. Such as skin vessels. Among them, cartilage cells are mainly product type Ⅱ. In bones, joints, tendons and other tissues have mostly find it. In uterine placenta is mainly find Type VII. However, collagen type Ⅱ is a kind of high molecular protein. Then, the filamentous collagen fibers interweave with elastin and polyglycoprotein to form a network structure and produce a certain mechanical strength.

Collagen type II

Collagen is the extracellular matrix. The earliest concern was the impact of cells on life activities. Through research, we found that the extracellular matrix is ​​also very important for life. In the past ten years, people discovered the extracellular matrix, especially collagen and protein. Polysaccharides play a key role in human health and certain diseases. In the healthcare market, more and more collagen-related products are being developed.

The importance of supplementing collagen

No matter standing, sitting, walking or running, it will produce several times the pressure. If the body lacks enough collagen, it will easily affect our daily life. On the contrary, if the body’s collagen requirement can be met, it can help us maintain Flexible mobility. No matter whether it’s going out shopping, sports or traveling! Therefore, only by maintaining healthy activity ability can we enjoy the old life of playing around.
15 Oct
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How do we choose collagen

With the increasing popularity of oral beauty care products, dozens of different collagen supplements have appeared today. So how do we choose collagen? What are their benefits? There are basically three main types of collagen supplements: 1. Gelatin-based collagen supplements 2. Hydrolyzed collagen supplements 3. Collagen-enhancing supplements Collagen is a macromolecular form with a complex […]

30 Sep
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What is collagen protein?

We’re familiar with collagen, but what exactly is collagen? What benefits does it have? Collagen powder is a very popular nutritional supplement nowadays. Although classified as a protein powder like whey or soy protein, collagen functions differently in the body. There are many different benefits. Collagen has been on the market for a long time in […]