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Category: Gelatin for soft and hard capsules

Wholesale gelatin for capsules

We approved the wholesale of gelatin as a special medicinal excipient for soft capsules and hard capsules. Which together with drugs into the human digestive system, and finally absorbed by the human body.Our wholesale gelatin has many characteristics, such as gelatin capacity, water retention, adhesion and solubility.In addition to its chemical purity, gelatin has a wide range of uses in the pharmaceutical industry. The most important of these are hard capsules, soft capsules, plasma and coatings.We use incomplete acid hydrolysis, alkali hydrolysis or enzymatic degradation of collagen in animal skins, bones, tendons and ligaments, and purified gelatin from a mixture of three different gelatin products.

What raw materials can our wholesale gelatin be made of?

Gelatin mainly made of cowhide, beef bone, pig skin, pig bone, and fish skin constitute our wholesale capsules. Our wholesale gelatin for hard capsules usually requires a jelly strength in the range of 180-250 bloom. We use skin gelatin or bone gelatin to make capsules.The price of bone glue will be higher. The higher the strength of the jelly, the higher the price. The gelatin used for soft capsules usually requires a gel strength in the range of 150-180. As a professional fish glue supplier and manufacturer.If customers need high-quality wholesale gelatin, we recommend users to use isinglass to obtain high-quality appearance.The price of isinglass is higher because the production cost of isinglass is high.

What are the functions and effects of our wholesale gelatin capsules?

Our wholesale gelatin capsules can help us relieve pain when taking it. Because we all know that drugs are mostly bitter.Moreover we use capsules produced by our wholesale gelatin can reduce the bitter taste and easy to stock. This is the reason why gelatin capsule drugs are popular in the series of medicinal gelatin. 
Edible capsules have benefits
18 Oct
Posted by:   Gel atin

Edible capsules have benefits

We use capsules in our life. Because edible capsules have many benefits. Therefore we can use this benefits to help us. Our company, huaxuan gelatin is gelatin capsule sizes company. The raw materials of capsules The capsule includes the medicine encapsulated in a shell. This shell can break down in the digestive tract. The drug […]

multicolor hard empty capsule
09 Oct
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Multicolor hard empty capsule

Some people don’t like taking medicine or feel bitter. The capsule shell can contain the medicine to prevent us from tasting bitterness. In addition, there are many multicolor hard empty capsules, which is convenient for us to distinguish. The benefits of multicolor hard empty capsules Capsule cap shell and capsule body shell consist of gelatin […]