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Category: Customized gelatin capsules

Capsules is very important in our life. We will use it frequently. We also provide to customized gelatin capsules. So you can study about it.

The composition of capsules

Gelatin hollow capsules are including in two capsule shells, a cover body and a body part. They are refine medicinal gelatin and auxiliary materials. They are mainly use to hold solid medicines. In order to help users solve the problem of unpalatable and poor taste, homemade powders,  etc. It have all improve this series of problems. In addition, the capsules can also print with text, trademarks and patterns. Which presenting a unique customized gelatin capsules.

The benefits of capsules

The hollow hard capsules make of gelatin and auxiliary materials constitute the customized gelatin capsules. In order to swallow better for us, the shape of the capsule is usually very slim. So this is why capsules are the most popular dosage form for consumers. In addition, the capsule can effectively hide the uncomfortable taste and smell of the substances. So it is truly realize that the good medicine is no longer bitter. Various powders, liquids, semi-solids and tablets can be contain in the capsule shell. The reason why the capsule can be dissolve quickly, reliably and safely. This is because of its good benefits.

The usage of capsules

Most capsules are take out from gelatin. Gelatin is widely use in many foods. Examples include preserves, chewing candies, puddings, food fillings and dips. In food, gelatin can help food thicken, stabilize. Gelatin is very popular because it is nutritious and contains low-fat food ingredients. The water-soluble protein extract from collagen can form gelatin. The main natural protein part in connective tissue is collagen. We generally extract gelatin from animal skin and bones through a control extraction process. There are many types of gelatin. Pharmaceutical grade gelatin meets the strict requirements of medical products. It can be make into capsules. Forming a layer of gelatin film on the stainless steel mold is the first step of the capsule production process. We have two sizes for the capsule body. Also another larger diameter mold for the capsule cover.
The benefits of customized capsules
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The benefits of customized capsules

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Vegetarian gelatin empty capsule

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