We often use gelatin in desserts. So what is the role of Gelatine? How do we make milk mousse at home with gelatin?

make mousse with gelatin

What role does “gelatine sheets” play in mousse cakes?

Mainly play a role in stabilizing the structure.

The raw materials of make milk mousse with gelatin

100g whipped cream

400g strawberries

One piece of cake base (1 cm thick, about the same size as the mouth of the bowl to be moulded)

15 grams of gelatin

The amount of sugar.

How to make milk mousse with gelatin

1. Prepare a large bowl and line the inside with cling film. Fit perfectly into the inside of the bowl. Line plastic wrap with strawberries cut in half. Chop the rest of the strawberries and set aside.

2. Pour the light cream into a large bowl (preferably a non-breakable one such as stainless steel or enamel). Add sugar to taste. Using a whisk, whisk the light cream until it is gruel. Add the chopped strawberries. Continue to beat until the light cream falls gently after lifting the beater.

3. Put the gelatin in a small bowl, add 80℃ hot water and stir well. After it has cooled slightly, pour it into the whipped cream and stir evenly to form the mousse filling.

4. Pour the mousse mixture into the large prepared bowl. Put the cake dough on the mousse filling and lightly press it with your hands. Make the mousse filling fit the cake base.

5. Put it in the refrigerator for more than 2 hours. After taking it out, turn the bowl upside down to make the cake come out. And tear off the cling film on the surface.

How to use gelatin powder in mousse cake

1. About 10g gelatin powder, a bowl of ice water (you don’t need to fill it up). Then he sprinkled the gelatin powder on the ice water and waited for him to absorb water and expand.

2. Mix 100g of milk and 20g of fine sugar and heat with water. Then pour in the thickened gelatin powder and stir while heating until it is completely melted in the milk. Then turn off the heat and let cool (you can put the milk in the refrigerator at this time, let it cool, just don’t clump).

3. Whip the whipped cream until it is distributed (it can still flow slowly in the basin, don’t beat it).

4. Then pour the whipped cream into the milk solution (note: pour the cream into the milk, don’t turn it upside down).

5. Stir evenly and it becomes a milk mousse liquid.

6. If the milk mousse is still liquid, you can put it in the refrigerator and wait for the milk mousse to solidify. Then use it and spread it on the cake.

What is the reason why the gelatine slices of mousse cake can not be opened?

Dosage of Gelatine Tablets:

The amount of ginseng in the general instructions is 1:40. That is, a 5 g gelatin tablet can condense 200 g of liquid. But this ratio is only the basic ratio at which the liquid can condense. If you want to make jelly pudding, it is generally recommended to operate in a ratio of 1:16. If making mousse, generally use 10 grams of gelatin for 6 inches. Use 20 grams of gelatin tablets for 8 inches.

How to use gelatine tablets:

Soak it in cold water (ice water is best when it’s hot) before use. After removing, squeeze the water dry, stir and melt through hot water. Put the melted gelatin liquid into the liquid material that needs to be condensed after it is not hot. Then stir evenly.


1. Try not to overlap the gelatin tablets when soaking. Squeeze the water dry after soaking.

2. The temperature should not be too high when heating. Otherwise the coagulation effect of gelatine tablets will be reduced.

3. Cool the gelatine tablets when they become liquid. At this time, pay attention to the time, it will freeze again if it is too long. This will influence the quality of the finished product.

4. Store clean gelatin tablets in a dry place. Otherwise, it is easy to stick when damp.