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We always use capsule in our life. So the capsule also have many advantages. We can make use of these benefits to better apply it.

The composition of capsule

Capsules are also soft gels. It has an outer shell containing active ingredients and any fillers. The internal substances must be in the form of liquid. The small particles of the ingredient are suspend in the liquid. The shell is take out of gelatin, usually from beef or pork. And supplements such as water and glycerin to provide durability and flexibility. Gelatin capsule advantages both drug and supplement manufacturers and consumers.The gelatin of the capsule shell is a substance. Which slowly absorbs water in cold water and becomes soft, but quickly dissolves in hot water. If you eat the capsule with too much hot water, the capsule will become soft and sticky. If you don’t drink enough water, it may stick to the esophagus. In the case of capsules, hot water will destroy the capsule’s resistance to gastric juice, preventing the medicine that should be protected from passing through the stomach to the intestine. Therefore, cold water and warm water should use to eat capsules, but not hot water.

The advantage of capsule

Gelatin capsule advantages are easily digest and dissolve within minutes of entering the stomach. This ensures that the drug does not pass through the digestive system without absorb. Gelatin is harmless and safe to eat. It usually comes from pork or beef. The capsule will provide a small amount of protein and amino acids. However, if a person is allergic to beef or pork, or does not want to eat them. He can easily empty the contents of the capsule without any gelatin. Then pour it into water.Unlike any other types of capsules, soft gelatin capsule advantages are seal and airtight. This makes them tamper-proof. Because any break on the surface will cause obvious damage. In addition, the sealed capsule preserves the active ingredients from oxygen. This is especially important for substances that are spoilage. If the capsule is opaque, it can also protect the active ingredient from light. So as to make certain substances deteriorate.
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There are many advantages of capsules

We will use capsule in our life. When we are sick. It must need capsule. So capsule also have others advantages. We can study and know how to use it. What is capsule? Capsules are a common dosage form of medicines. It’s easy to take them for granted. However, the pharmaceutical companies are very careful […]