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Tag: Gelatin Sheet make jelly

We can use gelatin sheet make jelly at home. The gelatin sheet make jelly is delicious. So we can make it at home and share with our family.

The usage of gelatin sheet

Gelatin is widely use in cooking. Maybe everyone knows. We also use gelatin sheet make jelly. It is add to aspic. Various desserts were prepared on this basis. Jelly is no exception. We have been familiar with this delicious taste since we were young. Due to the experiments of many culinary experts, the product has hundreds of recipes. Even the most discerning gourmet can be surprised. How to make leaf gelatin jelly at home.

The step of make jelly

Jelly is a delicious dessert. We can use leaf gelatin make jelly. Not only agreeable for children, but also for many adults. Gelatin is part of it. Helps desserts obtain a frozen structure. The consistency of jelly depends directly on the amount of gelatin.After the gelatin swells slightly, be sure to set it down. Water is also suitable for this. When the liquid gets warm, keep stirring and watch the gelatin. It should dissolve completely.Then remove the container from the fire and let it cool at room temperature. After that, put the future jelly in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. This is the way to use leaf gelatin make jelly.

The precautions for gelatin

There are some rules to follow when use gelatin sheet make jelly. Do not boil the gelatin under any circumstances, otherwise it will not thicken. Avoid using aluminum cookware when heating the gelatin, which will result in a darker color and unpleasant taste. To avoid lumps during product dilution, heat the container with water. Nevertheless, if they have form, the liquid can be filtered through a sieve. Do not put the gelatin in the refrigerator, or it will crystallize. You can add various ingredients to the diluted gelatin. Include fresh fruits, just don’t forget to chop them beforehand.
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