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Candy has always been loved by people at home and abroad in ancient and modern times. Especially with the rapid development of the candy industry nowadays, all kinds of candies are emerging in an endless stream. We also can use gelatin make candy at home.Today’s candy has greatly improved in terms of taste and nutrition. In addition, it is mainly attributed to the use of edible gelatin. Edible gelatin as a gelling agent can make the candy more transparent, more elastic in taste. Furthermore, we can store the candy for a longer time.

Here is an introduction to the production process of gelatin candy.

1. The initial processing of materials.(1) Preparation of gelatin: first mix edible gelatin and water in a ratio of 2:3, soak it at 60°C for one hour, and then take it out to melt.(2) Preparation of sugar: We melt sugar and other sugars, filter out impurities, and cook to a certain extent.(3) Preparation of colors and spices: This does not require special preparation.2. Mix the melted gelatin, sugar, and additives together, and then cast it into a mold. We can dry it after bending and condensing.Such made a delicious gelatin candy. In order to be more beautiful and delicious, we can wrap a layer of sesame and other things on the outside of the candy before drying, and then wrap it in some nice wrapping paper.
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How use gelatin to make candy

Gelatin can use as candy, such as soft candy, toffee, etc. It can make candies are more elastic than other candies. Gelatin is good for food digestion, so it is very popular with everyone. In candy production, gelatin is more elastic, tougher, and more transparent than starch and agar. Especially when producing soft sweets with […]