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Pectin manufacturer supplier wholesaler

If you are looking for Pectin manufacturer supplier wholesaler, here. Xiamen Huaxuan Gelatin Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures food additives. The main products are gelatin, collagen, peptone and pectin. As a manufacturer of pectin, we have specialized production lines and a full set of laboratory instruments to guarantee the quality of pectin wholesale. Our 16 years of experience in import and export procedures is also one of the advantages of being a pectin wholesaler.

Pectin manufacturer can offer provide unique service for you

Pectin is a water-soluble hydrocolloid with gelling and thickening functions. The pectins provided by Xiamen Huaxuan are of very high quality. This is the advantage of Xiamen Huaxuan as one of the Pectin manufacturer.

Pectin supplier’s production team is full of passion and can provide customers with unique services. As a pectin manufacturer, we can provide solutions to meet your unique formulation and texture needs. We are also very willing to understand your specific needs, so as to customize the product that best meets your requirements. Whether you want a specific gelation, setting speed, viscosity, mouthfeel or stability, we as a pectin supplier will provide the best product for your requirements. We provide different types of high quality pectin to meet the needs of different customers. At the same time, we can also provide unique services according to customer requirements.

Pectin supplier, a versatile ingredient for innovative textures

Pectin is a natural ingredient extracted from plants. It is present in many fruits, especially in apples and citrus fruits. So the most pectin is apple pectin and citrus pectin. Pectin can be used in recipes as a gelling agent, thickener and stabilizer. Fruit pectin is related to cellulose in plants, and the following are different ratios of pectin in various raw materials.

Pectin gel properties

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    MaterialExtraction processPectin (%)References
    Cacao pod husk (Theobroma cacao)Acid extraction3.7–8.6[34]
    Mangosteen rind (Garcinia mangostana)Chemical treatment23.5[35]
    Durian rind (Durio zibethinus)Acid extraction2.1–10.25[36]
    Orange peels (Citrus sinensis)Acid extraction0.2–6[37]
    Lemon peels (Citrus limon)Acid extraction0.8–8[37]
    Dragon fruit peels (Hylocereus undatus)Ultrasound assisted1.89–7.65[38]
    Banana-stem, leaf, peel (Musa acuminata)Alcohol precipitation4–13.8[39]
    Orange peelAlcohol precipitation7.9[39]
    Cucumis meloAqueous acid extraction alcohol precipitation4.53[40]
    Cocoa peelMicrowave assisted42.3[41]
    Apple PomaceAcid extraction12.9–20.9[27]
    Lime-peel and pulpMicrowave assisted extraction under pressure8–17.9[42]
    Watermelon rindAcid and enzymatic extraction [43]
    Orange peelsAcid extraction5.4–26.3[44]
    Sweet potato peelsAcid extraction2.59–5.08[45]
    Orange peelUltrasound assisted20.92[46]
    Orange peels (Citrus sinensis)Acid extraction29.41[47]
    Kaffir lime peel (Citrus hystrix)Chemical and acid extraction61.8[48]
    Punica granatum peelsAcid extraction27[49]
    Orange peel (Citrus sinensis)Acid extraction45.5[50]
    Lemon (Citrus limon)Acid extraction2.7–16.7[51]

    Our pectin products

    MaterialExtraction processPectin (%)References
    Orange (Citrus sinensis)Acid extraction1.6–15.9[51]
    Grape (Citrus paradisi)Acid extraction2.3–15.7[51]
    Orange peelWater-based extraction2.2[52]
    Sweet potato peel (Ipomoea batatas)Alkaline extraction16.78[45]
    Tomato wasteUltrasound assisted15.1–35.7[53]
    Pumpkin peelsSoxhlet extraction6.8–7.7[54]
    Lemon pomaceAcid extraction10.3–13.1[55]
    Jackfruit waste (Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam)Acid and chemical extraction12–15[27]
    Lemon peel wastesAqueous extraction [56]
    Citric wasteAcid extraction78[57]
    Apple peel waste (Malus pumila. Cv Amri)Acid and chemical extraction1.21[58]
    Horse eye bean peel (Mucuna urens)Acid extraction4.4[59]
    Banana peelAcid extraction11.31[60]
    Mango peelAcid extraction18.5[60]
    Grapefruit peelAlcohol extraction25[33]
    Saba banana peel (Musa acuminata × Musa balbisiana)Acid extraction17.05[61]
    Passion fruit peelsAcid extraction2.25–14.6[62]
    Citrus peelAcid extraction25.5[63]
    Pumpkin waste (Cucurbita maxima)Acid hydrolysis2.90[39]
    Mango peelAcid extraction20.8[64]
    Jackfruit wastes (Artocarpus integer)Optimised acid extraction38.42[65]
    Citrus depressa endocarpAcid extraction4.1[66]
    Orange peelAcid extraction7.3–52.9[67]
    Jackfruit waste (Artocarpus heterophyllus)Chemical and acid extraction8.9–15.1[27]

    Apple pectin wholesale

    Apple pectin is a nutrient substance. It also has many advantages for our body.

    Citrus pectin manufacturer

    Pectin is a soluble fiber in fruits and vegetables. Especially in apple peel and citrus peel.

    HM pectin manufacturer

    HM pectin is high methoxyl pectin. We can use it to do high acidic food products.

    LM pectin manufacturer

    Pectin is divided into HMpectin and LMpectin. The following is LM pectin manufacturer.

    What are the functions and applications of pectin?

    Pectin is a natural component and a non-toxic natural food additive that can be consumed in our daily diet. There is no daily limit to the amount of pectin that humans can consume. As a pectin manufacturer, our pectin is widely used in many industries. For example, in the food industry, pectin can be used as a gelling agent, stabilizer, tissue-forming agent, emulsifier and thickening agent. In the pharmaceutical industry, pectin can enhance gastrointestinal motility, promote nutrient absorption, and has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of diarrhea, colon cancer, diabetes, obesity and other diseases. In addition, pectin is also a good heavy metal adsorbent. Pectin also has good film-forming properties, water retention and radiation resistance.

    (1) For yogurt products of pectin wholesaler

    In pectin wholesaler, Different pectins have different functions in yogurt products. For example, HM pectin stabilizes the structure of yogurt, while LM pectin prevents whey release. As a pectin manufacturer, we can recommend suitable pectin for your product. In this way, the function of pectin can be fully applied when making yogurt.

    (2) For jam of pectin manufacturer

    In pectin manufacturer, Pectin can also be added to make jams. Because pectin has a thickening effect, when making jam, there is too little pectin in the raw material, and pectin can be added to thicken it. As a pectin supplier, Xiamen Huaxuan can provide you with high-quality pectin to make jam.

    (3) Drink of pectin supplier

    In pectin suppllier, Pectin also plays a big role in adding taste to beverages. Adding pectin to beverages can reduce the hard substances produced by pulp precipitation and improve the taste of juice. Therefore, you can add pectin to your drink by purchasing it from a pectin supplier. This can improve the taste of the drink and also have a health care effect on the stomach and exposure to lead poisoning.

    (4) Health food and medicine of pectin manufacturer

    In pectin manufacturer, Pectin is a polysaccharide that can control blood sugar and blood lipids. Therefore, pectin is used in many medical and health products. This is also a great use of pectin. Customers in the pharmaceutical industry can choose us as a pectin supplier, we can provide high quality pectin products.

    pectin manufacturer

    Pectin manufacturer tell for you: The characteristics of Pectin

    At Pectin manufacturer, Pectin is suitable for use in acidic (pH around 3.6) and high sugar (58%-68%) environments. When pectin is placed in water, it creates a firm, glossy gel texture. Some pectins change state when heated and can even be reused, making them ideal for glazing.

    Our advantages as a pectin manufacturer

    We have 16 years of very mature experience in the manufacture and sale of pectin. Our pectin packaging can be customized, and special outer packaging can be customized according to different customer requirements. As a very established pectin manufacturer, we have customers all over the world. This is because the pectins we supply are made of very high-quality raw materials, which is also our advantage.

    In terms of quality, our pectin is made of high-quality raw materials. Technically, our production machines are all up-to-date. In terms of service, our staff are professionally trained and can solve your needs. Therefore, when choosing a pectin supplier, you can choose our Xiamen Huaxuan Gelatin Co., Ltd. with confidence. We provide a unique service meet your needs.

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