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Pure collagen wholesale

As a manufacturer of pure collagen powder and edible collagen powder, we can provide customers with a small amount of pure collagen wholesale. This page mainly introduces our pure protein powder processing process for customers.

Pure collagen Efficacy in food industry:

Pure collagen can be used for oral beauty and skin care functional foods, anti-aging functional foods, calcium and zinc functional foods, slimming functional foods and special family foods (such as adjusting female endocrine disorders, promoting gastritis healing, etc.). Pure collagen wholesale.
As an edible collagen, it can be applied to general foods, as a bread improver for meat foods, frozen products, dairy products, etc., to make the product characteristics better and taste stronger.


Production process for pure collagen manufacturer

(1) Raw material pretreatment: first remove the impurities on the bones from the beef bones, then use a bone crusher to crush them to 2~3cm bone pieces, then clean the crushed beef bones, and then put them in the cooking tank and add them The water is steamed to obtain the cooking liquid;

(2) Pure collagen manufacturer Oil-water separation: Separate the cooking liquid from oil and water, and cool the resulting water phase to 50-55°C to obtain a crude collagen solution;

(3) Enzymatic hydrolysis: Add a high-efficiency compound enzyme preparation with an amount of 0.05-0.15% of the raw material weight to the crude collagen solution, and after mixing it evenly, enzymatic hydrolysis 0.5% under natural conditions without adjusting the pH value and controlling the temperature ~2h to obtain a collagen peptide solution; the high-efficiency compound enzyme preparation is composed of 30-40wt% compound protease, 25-30wt% flavor protease, 25-30wt% alkaline protease, 7-8wt% animal protein hydrolase and 2 ~3wt% enzyme activator, the enzyme activator contains a reducing agent and divalent metal ions; the reducing agent is dithiothreitol and/or β-mercaptoethanol; the enzyme activator contains a reducing agent and a divalent metal ion The molar ratio of the metal ions is 1: (0.5-2); the divalent metal ions are a mixture of Mg2+, Zn2+ and Ca2+;

(4) Filtration by inorganic nanofiltration ceramic membrane: the collagen peptide solution is filtered with an inorganic nanofiltration ceramic membrane with a molecular weight cut-off of 800 Da, and the obtained permeate is a high-purity collagen peptide solution;

(5) High-temperature and high-pressure treatment: the high-purity collagen peptide solution is subjected to high-temperature and high-pressure treatment to obtain a treatment solution; the conditions of the high-temperature and high-pressure treatment include a temperature of 110 to 130° C., a pressure of 0.1 to 0.3 MPa, and a time of 5 ~20min;

(6) Concentration: heat and concentrate the treatment solution under reduced pressure to obtain a concentrated solution;

(7) Drying and powder production: spray drying the concentrated solution to obtain bovine collagen peptide powder.

Production process for pure collagen

Our Pure collagen wholesale products

Odorless fish collagen powder

We usually use collagen powder. Fish collagen powder is very popular in our life to use.

Bovine collagen manufacturer

This article will tell you all about bovine collagen, including its form, benefits and uses.

OEM collagen sachets

When collagen cannot be obtained from natural food, we can choose professional and safe collagen. 

Porcine collagen powder

Collagen injections can improve the contour of the skin and fill in depressions.

Organic peptone powder

As a manufacturer of organic peptone powder, we have two production lines. Peptone powder.

Collagen Tripeptide (CTP)

This product should be sealed and shaded, avoid high temperature, and stored in a dry.

Type II Collagen

We are no strangers to collagen, and we will see it at any time in our daily lives.

Hydrolyzed Liquid Collagen

Liquid collagen is also called as liquid protein. There are two forms of industrial-grade collagen

Tripeptide collagen Beauty effect – Pure collagen wholesale:

First of all, it can improve the elasticity of the skin. Pure collagen wholesale. It has a strong penetrating ability and can enter the stratum corneum, which has a good effect on improving the elasticity of the skin. At the same time, it can also promote the growth of collagen and hyaluronic acid to better maintain the moisture in the skin. And keep the skin in a moisturized state. Then it can also help skin wrinkles, effectively delay aging, and keep the skin youthful at all times. If you want to avoid excessive accumulation of toxins in your skin, you may wish to use collagen tripeptides for improvement. Taking some tripeptide collagen can effectively make the pores smaller and the skin whiter.

Pure collagen manufacturer can promote bone formation, strengthen bone collagen, and improve bone strength. It can also inhibit the activity of angiotensin-converting enzyme, lower blood pressure. And it has antioxidant activity and anti-tumor activity. But it is recommended that you must use it reasonably according to your own situation. Do not apply it blindly. Please keep a good mood.

We also call tripeptide collagen as collagen type III.  Pure collagen wholesale peptide is made from collagen after protease degradation. It is a small molecular structure of collagen prepared from fresh pig skin, cowhide or fish skin using biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology. , Is a tripeptide with glycine, valine (or hydroxyproline), plus another carbohydrate. The absorption of small molecule protein peptides is better.

Collagen peptide has the functions of moisturizing, whitening, maintaining collagen, brightening, firming, anti-wrinkle, and removing wrinkles. It is a common beauty product.  Some people recommend that those who lack collagen can not only use collagen peptides, but also eat trotters and chicken feet.

People who pursue beauty know that ingredients such as pig’s feet and braised chicken feet contain rich and colorful collagen.  And eating more peptide can beautify the skin.  But objective facts are not the case. Practical experience shows that the collagen content in such foods as pig feet and chicken feet is very large, which is extremely difficult to digest and absorb by the body. The tri-peptide collagen has a small molecular content.  So it is easily digested and absorbed by the body and can exert its maximum effect. Even the collagen tripeptide can penetrate into the thin stratum corneum, subcutaneous tissues and somatic cells at the roots of hair.
Enzymatic extraction method of Pure collagen wholesale:

Enzymatic extraction means that after we extracted soluble collagen and acid-soluble collagen, they need to be hydrolyzed with some proteases, such as collagenase, pepsin, papain and chymotrypsin, to obtain different enzymatic soluble collagens. The proteases used are mainly three types: animal proteases (such as trypsin, pepsin), plant proteases (such as papain, bromelain), and microbial proteases (such as alkaline protease, neutral protease). In the research on enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen, alkaline protease is the most used.

Restricted degradation of pure collagen manufacturer, that is, the terminal peptide is cleaved. Since the covalent bonds between the collagen peptide chains are formed by the interaction of lysine or hydroxylysine in the molecular terminal peptide, the terminal peptide is cleaved.  The main part containing the triple helical structure can be extracted by soluble in dilute organic acid. Enzyme treatment can hydrolyze the terminal peptides of collagen fibrin and increase the yield of collagen; and it will not damage the triple helix structure of collagen and maintain its characteristics.

There are many factors that affect enzyme extraction, such as enzyme concentration, the ratio of enzyme to substrate, enzymatic hydrolysis time, enzymatic hydrolysis temperature, pH, and material-to-liquid ratio. In actual operation, most of the collagen is extracted by enzyme compound method, and most of them are extracted by pepsin. The organic acid is mostly acetic acid.

The process of enzymatic hydrolysis of collagen is mainly divided into single-enzyme hydrolysis and multi-enzyme hydrolysis. We divided Multi-enzyme hydrolysis into mixed enzymatic hydrolysis (such as bovine trypsin, streptomyces protease, bacillus protease) and step-by-step enzymatic hydrolysis. The selection of specific experimental techniques and conditions for extracting skin collagen by enzymatic method should usually be considered for development. The product requires molecular weight. To obtain collagen peptides with a smaller molecular weight, the factory generally use multi-enzyme hydrolysis.

Main factors affecting Pure collagen wholesale:

The main factors affecting the effect of enzymatic hydrolysis are: the type of enzyme, the amount of enzyme added, the temperature of enzymatic hydrolysis, the time of enzymatic hydrolysis, pH value and the ratio of material to water. Enzymatic extraction of collagen in aggregates can not only effectively shorten the extraction time.  but also obtain collagen with good biological activity, and the pollution to the environment is also small. It’s not easy to hydrolyze collagen by common protease, but it can be broken by animal collagenase manufacturer. And the broken fragments can be hydrolyzed by common protease after being denatured automatically. The suitable conditions for pepsin to hydrolyze collagen are pH 1.65~1.70 and temperature 37°C.

Someone used pig bone as the raw material, replaced the traditional glue making process with the enzymatic reaction of protease, and conducted an experimental study on the enzymatic reaction of bone collagen and the enzymatic glue making process. The results showed that the extraction rate of collagen by pepsin was the highest (46.14%). Followed by trypsin (43.42%), followed by neutral protease (30.14%), and finally alkaline protease (21.15%). And through single factor and orthogonal experiments, the main influencing factors in the pepsin hydrolysis reaction were optimized. The test results show that the optimal condition for pepsin extraction is that the concentration of pepsin is 1%. Enzymatically digested at pH 2.0 for 48 hours. And then salted out in NaCL solution with a concentration of 10% (w/v) for 24 hours.

The final recovery rate of bone collagen was 64.77%, and the extraction rate of bone collagen was 49.75%. Some people also use pepsin to extract collagen from pig skin. The dosage of four different pepsin (respectively 1%, 2%, 2.5%, 3 %) sample sampling test, using the first-order HILL equation to simulate the process of pepsin extraction of pig skin collagen and the attenuation process of pepsin hydrolysis rate, and finally obtain 2% pepsin dosage and 6-7h hydrolysis time extraction rate maximum.

Some people use fresh pigskin as raw material. And hydrolyze with pancreatin at 50-52℃. The enzyme dosage is 5000:1~10000:1, the pH value is 9, the reaction is 2-3h. And the raw material: water is Enzymatic hydrolysis under the conditions of 1:2. The results showed that the extraction rate of total protein was ≥80%.

Control the extraction conditions of tripeptide collagen – Pure collagen wholesale:

When extracting collagen by enzymatic method, the factory must strictly control the extraction conditions. Pure collagen wholesale.
First, the enzyme action time must be appropriate. If the time is too short, the collagen will not be fully released into the extraction solution, which will affect the extraction rate.

Secondly, the enzymolysis temperature should be appropriate. If the temperature is too low, the effect of the enzyme is not obvious. If the temperature is too high, it will cause enzyme inactivation and collagen denaturation. According to reports, when the pH of the medium is slightly lower than neutral, the denaturation temperature of collagen is 40-41℃.  When the pH of the medium is acidic, the denaturation temperature of collagen is 38-39℃. And the denaturation temperature of fish skin collagen It is 7-12℃ lower than the denaturation temperature of pig skin collagen manufacturer. Therefore, if the extracted collagen is to have good biological activity, the extraction temperature should be lower.  In general, it should be lower than the denaturation temperature during the extraction process.

Third, we should select appropriate enzymes. Generally, when extracting collagen from terrestrial mammalian tissues, it is reasonable to use pepsin to extract at its optimum temperature. However, for fish and other aquatic animals, the denaturation temperature of collagen is lower than that of terrestrial mammals. Therefore, many proteases are not suitable. If the temperature is too high, it will destroy some functional properties and biological activities of collagen. The research on the extraction of collagen and its peptides by enzymatic method is mainly from animal skin and its processing by-products. The application of enzymatic method for extracting collagen and its peptides from animal bones is rarely reported.

What diseases can Pure collagen peptides cure?

1. Peptides can reverse youth, make people younger, beautiful and lose weight after taking it.

2. Effect on the digestive system: It can be quickly absorbed directly by cells of the gastrointestinal wall, activate gastrointestinal function.  promote the secretion of digestive enzymes, increase appetite, and regulate chronic gastrointestinal diseases.

3. Effect on the circulatory system: reduce blood viscosity, remove low-density lipoprotein, prevent arteriosclerosis, enhance the elasticity of myocardium and blood vessels.  And effectively regulate cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

4. Effect on the respiratory system: activate lung cells, correct the qi-blood barrier, remove toxins from the lungs, prevent and regulate respiratory diseases such as emphysema and insufficient lung oxygen supply.

5. Effect on the skeletal system: Promote the generation of a large number of osteoblasts, inhibit osteoclasts, and regulate diseases caused by osteoporosis, femoral head necrosis, arthritis and calcium deficiency.

6. Effect on the nervous system: activate the function of the nervous system, promote the formation of brain cell dendrites, reverse brain atrophy, and strengthen deep sleep. Prevent and regulate memory loss, neurological headaches, neurasthenia, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

7. Effect on the endocrine system: reverse the degeneration of endocrine organs, promote the normal secretion of hormones and various enzymes, increase kidney function and the development of sexual organs, prevent and regulate endocrine diseases such as diabetes.

8. Effect on the immune system: Stimulate the regeneration of thymus, accelerate the production of lymphatic T cells, B cells and NK cells.  It enhance the ability of phagocytes to swallow virus bacteria and cancer cells. It improve immune function, and prevent tumors and cancer.

9. Effect on the reproductive system: stimulate the secretion of sex hormones, strengthen the muscle tissue of the sex organs, strengthen the nerve endurance of the sex organs.  And activate the development of the sex organs. Pure collagen wholesale.

10. Peptides can make cancer patients recover, and many patients even recover without chemotherapy.

11. Peptide, has a magical effect on diabetes, taking it for a period of time can get rid of the troubles of insulin.

12. Peptides have a miraculous effect on the rehabilitation of prostate patients. Many patients suffering from prostate problems do not need to wear cushions to recover.

13. Peptides have miraculous effects on heart disease and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and can make many patients with hemiplegia self-reliant in their lives.

14. Peptides can recover patients with rheumatism, rheumatoid, and bone and joint diseases.

15. Peptides can significantly improve liver diseases caused by various reasons.

16. Peptides can repair the thinnest optic nerve of the human body, repair the nerves that activate the atrophy of the cerebellum, and improve the memory function of the hippocampus.

17. Peptides determine the length and width of our lives.

18. Peptides can make people 10-20 years younger, and peptides can delay aging!

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