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Gelatin capsule sizes

As a manufacturer of hard empty Gelatin capsule sizes and animal gelatin, the production and quality control for custom gelatin capsules are more guaranteed.Gelatin capsules with different raw materials, different sizes, different colors are available for customization. We have started to export hard gelatin capsule from 16 years ago. 

You might be asking yourself what is the best size capsule to choose when encapsulating powders. You are right to be thinking about this question before starting a new formulation. It is crucial to think about this before starting to produce capsules and will save time and money in the long run when done correctly.

There are standard size capsules that are named by numerical values. They are numbered: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. These sizes are the same for all types of Gelatin, HPMC and Pullulan. The majority of capsule filling machinery are manufactured to be compatible with these standard sizes.

We have put together this guide to help you choose the best size for your needs.

Below is an interactive chart to assist you select the best fit. Click on each size to highlight the specifications of that size tablet.

Capsule Weight – The weight of the capsule when empty in milligrams

Volume Capacity – The volume of the inside from the capsule in millilitres

Excess weight Capacity simply by Formulation — The weight capacity in the capsule ( dependant on bulk density of formulation) in milligrams

Overall Closed Length – The length of the pills when it is fully closed and locked in millimetres

Individual Lengths – Measures the body and the cap separately

Tolerance – The acceptable variance in dimensions

Required dosage

The required dosage comes down to how much of the active ingredient or ingredients is necessary intended for the product to be effective. You will need to decide how much of a dose you would like to be in every capsule e. g. 1000mg of Vitamin C

This will then be combined with excipients to help the product flow through the machine. Once mixed this is known as a “mix”.

You will need there to be the correct dose of ingredient within the mix in each supplement. If there is too much for one capsule you can either try to fit the powder in one capsules or you may want to consider spreading the dosage over multiple pills. E. g. rather than you #000 tablets splitting it over 3 #00.

 Volume of the Mix

The quantity with the mix will depend on the bulk density of the powders that make up your mix. We now have a tool and guide on mass denseness to help calculate the majority thickness of your mix.

You need to know most density of your mix so that you can work out just how much active ingredient ends up in each capsule. It may result in you having to alter the blend slightly or spread the dosage over more than one capsule.

Ease of Swallowing

Sometimes the sizes can be selected simply by the physical size of the tablet. For example when choosing a pills for a child or an animal who might not be able to swallow larger capsules.

The reason that size 00 and size 0 will be the most commonly used capsules in manufacturing is that they have adequate volume for a lot of mixes as well as being easy for humans to swallow.

Type of Capsule

Certain tablets such as Pullulan are only available in certain sizes. Determining the type of capsule you want to produce may dictate your choice.


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    Manufacture of Hard Gelatin capsule sizes

    S1. Set the preheating temperature of the reaction tank to 60℃. After the temperature is reached, mix the dissolved gelatin and collagen at 8:2, and press Calculate the mass percentage by adding plasticizers and surfactants at the same time, so that various materials are fully mixed;

    S2. Place the mixed glue obtained in the above steps in a water bath at a constant temperature of 40~70℃ and stir until a uniform flow is formed.Dripping wall material solution;

    S3. Degas the above wall material solution ultrasonically, and then place it under vacuum pressure until the solution becomes clear and transparent. Gelatin capsule sizes. Form a uniform shell material;

    S4. Transfer the degassed shell material into a preheated holding tank, set the temperature to 60°C for 4 hours, and prepare it for subsequent packaging bag;

    S5. Dipping glue and cooling and solidifying operation through the capsule mold rod;

    S6. Transfer the coagulated capsules to a constant temperature dryer, and set the drying temperature to 40-60°C and the drying time 45min;

    S7. Pull out the blastocyst after it has regained moisture, cut it according to the required scale, and combine the cut capsule body and capsule Cap to obtain the finished capsule shell;

    S8. Use ozone sterilization to sterilize the hollow capsules prepared in the above steps, set the ozone pressure to 0.2MPa, and when sterilizing The interval is 1~10min.

    Capsules is very important in our life. We will use it frequently. 

    Compared with animal capsules, plant capsules are more and more popular.

    We supply the animal gelatin capsules with harmless food-grade ingredients. 

    Gelatin hollow capsules have stomach-soluble and enteric-coated hollow capsule.

    Enteric-coated hollow capsules is good to our body.

    Halal gelatin is a kind of gelatin that complies with Islamic law

    Most capsules are made from gelatin. Gelatin is used in many foods

    Quality of our hard transparent capsule could be more guaranteed.

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