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Instant gelatin

We are instant gelatin manufacturer. Our company specializes in producing and manufacturing gelatin for 16 years. We have many experiences in the production of instant gelatin. At the same time, we can meet the different needs of our customers. We can also provide customers with high-quality instant gelatin is a major advantage of our company.

The introduction of instant gelatin at manufacturer

Find best gelatin manufacturer in china, Our Instant gelatin is a translucent, colorless, odorless, solid substance that is brittle when dry. Its main source is collagen in fish rind (skin) and bones. We commonly use instant gelatin as a gelling agent in food, photography and cosmetic manufacturing. Substances that generally contain instant gelatin or act in a similar manner are called gelatinous. Instant gelatin is an irreversibly hydrolyzed form of collagen that is classified as a food product. It’s found in some gummies as well as other products. Such as marshmallows, desserts and some ice creams and yogurts.

In lnstant gelatin supplier, Our Instant gelatin is extracted from cow hides and bones or fish scales and skins. It is a high molecular weight protein composed of 18 amino acids. Instant gelatin can absorb 5-10 times more water and is in a sol state after heating. After cooling, it enters a gel state. Due to its special properties, instant gelatin is used in many food industries.

Ash Content≤2%
Ph Value4.0-6.5
Sulphur Dioxide≤30 ppm
Peroxide≤10 mg/kg
Conductivity≤150 μs/cm
Heavy Metal≤10 mg/kg
Arsenic≤1 mg/kg
Chromium≤2 mg/kg
Total Plate Count≤1000 cfu/g
E. ColiNot Detected

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    The production of instant gelatin in manufacturer

    Instant gelatin is a product obtained by moderate hydrolysis and thermal denaturation of collagen. The raw materials for the production of instant gelatin are mainly animal skins and bones. The common instant gelatin on the market is mostly prepared from fish skin. At present, the production methods of instant gelatin mainly include alkaline method, acid method, enzymatic method and so on. Alkali method and acid method are traditional production methods with long production cycle, and the discharged waste liquid causes great pollution to the environment. Because the production cost of enzymatically prepared gelatin is low, the product safety is high. Therefore, the production methods of acid method and alkali method are gradually replaced in the fields of medicine and food.

    Acid production

    The production of instant gelatin is mainly composed of three processes. The collection and preservation of raw materials and the pretreatment of raw skins and bones in various ways are the pre-process part of the development of instant gelatin technology. The degradation of collagen, is the extraction of instant gelatin, is the second part of the process. This is also a key part that affects yield. The filtration, evaporation, sterilization and drying of instant gelatin constitute the post-process part of instant gelatin technology.

    The acid and alkali production of instant gelatin usually means that the pre-process of the raw material of instant gelatin is different from the chemical treatment method in the extraction process. The acid method instant gelatin mainly uses hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, lactic acid, citric acid, acetic acid and other single acid or compound acid to carry out the treatment of raw material expansion in the previous process. And further use weak acid or strong acid to destroy intermolecular cross-linking and break molecular bonds. In this way, it can be dissolved in an aqueous acid solution, also known as instant gelatin extraction.

    Alkaline production

    In the process of preparing instant gelatin by alkaline method, the raw material containing collagen is first pretreated by liming, washing and degreasing. In this way, the content of fat after raw material pretreatment is lower, and the main component is collagen. Under the conditions of lime or sodium hydroxide and a certain temperature, collagen is gradually degraded into a mixture of polypeptides with unequal molecular weights. Then the polypeptide solution is concentrated, dehumidified and dried to obtain a solid powder. The instant gelatin produced by the alkaline process is of high quality in terms of product yield, properties and purity.

    Alkaline gelatin production usually refers to the lime method and the caustic soda method. The production process of instant gelatin made from lime fish skin is usually as follows: raw material finishing—lime water pre-dipping—hydraulic degreasing—lime water impregnation—washing and neutralization—gelling—concentration, bleaching, and gelation.

    Enzymatic production

    Enzymes can catalyze collagen, thereby degrading it into instant gelatin. This method compared with the traditional alkali preparation process, it can greatly shorten the production cycle. Therefore, the enzymatic production of instant gelatin is widely used. But in this way, its molecular weight distribution is wider, and there are more high molecular weight components. This makes process control difficult. These defects affect the quality of instant gelatin.

    Enzymatic production first involves treating crushed bone or skin collagen with an enzyme solution. It is then stirred in an acidic solution to obtain a collagen solution. The collagen is then neutralized with an alkali or salted out with a salt to obtain fibrous precipitation of the collagen. Then the precipitate is separated and then heated, so that instant gelatin can be obtained. Another method is to treat collagen with an enzyme solution instead of lime milk in the traditional alkaline process. The rest of the process is completed according to the traditional method. This process method is more suitable for the preparation of instant gelatin than the first method. The steps of enzymatic production are generally: raw material – pretreatment – enzymatic hydrolysis – enzyme passivation – solution- separation and purification – finished product.

    The application of instant gelatin

    1.Food sticker 

    Instant gelatin is also very useful in sticking steak, Shrimp row, shrimp cake etc. Its foaming, stabilizing and gelling properties make good bonding strength in food. This will make the steak, shrimp row with good shape. Instant gelatin also works great in food coating. Coating instant gelatin inhibits the browning reaction when two different food products are combined. This prevents the food from absorbing moisture and becoming stiff. Coating edible instant gelatin on the surface of powdered and granular sugars can prevent sugars from absorbing moisture and avoid caking. Instant gelatin can also make food surfaces shiny and improve food quality. Thereby preventing food spoilage and oxidation. Instant gelatin at a concentration of 10% to 15% is suitable for coating ham, cured meat, sausage and cheese. This prevents food spoilage and prolongs the shelf life of food. As a stabilizer, instant gelatin can prevent the product from shrinking and deforming. Instant gelatin also has the effect of preserving freshness. We can add instant gelatin solution to the sugar solution for soaking fruits and vegetables. In this way, a film can be formed on the surface of fruits and vegetables, which can ensure the freshness and natural flavor of the food.


    Instant gelatin is great for making fudge. Because of its gelling and texturing properties, fudge can be made better. Instant gelatin is an excellent raw ingredient when producing gummies. Because instant gelatin has the function of absorbing water and supporting the framework. It is possible to completely fill the voids of the gel with sugar and water. This keeps the soft candy in a stable form. Not deformed even under heavy load. Therefore, in the production of candy, the use of instant gelatin is more elastic, tough and transparent than starch and agar. Especially in the production of soft candy with sufficient elasticity and full shape. Instant gelatin has great advantages.


    Instant gelatin is also very useful in making marshmallows. Its foaming, stabilizing and gelling properties make it an excellent solution for marshmallows. This will make the marshmallow more light and delicious.

    4.Toffee, chewing candy

    Instant gelatin makes toffees chew better and gives them a lasting flavor. Its foaming, stable deformation and emulsifying functions can make the candy more chewy. This is one of the reasons why instant gelatin is widely used in the food industry. In food production, instant gelatin can also be used to make cakes and various icings. Due to the stability of the instant gelatin, this icing does not penetrate into the cake even on hot days. It also controls the size of the sugar crystals. Instant gelatin can also be used to make colorful beads, sugar-free cans, etc. This is also a major application of instant gelatin in food.

    5.Extend the shelf life of creamy yogurt

    Instant gelatin gives yogurt products a bright appearance and a smooth, firm, consistent texture. At the same time, it can also prolong the shelf life of yogurt and cream, making it more convenient for us to eat. Instant gelatin is widely used in yogurt for its excellent texture, binding, stabilization and foaming properties.

    6.Frozen food conditioner

    In frozen foods, instant gelatin can be used as a jelly. Because the melting point of instant gelatin jelly is low, it has the characteristics of melting in the mouth. Therefore, it is often used to make meal jelly, grain jelly, etc. Instant gelatin can also be used to make jellies. Instant gelatin can be used as a stabilizer in the production of ice cream, ice cream, etc. The function of instant gelatin in ice cream is to prevent the formation of coarse ice crystals, maintain fineness and reduce the melting speed. The general dosage of instant gelatin in ice cream is 0.25% to 0.6%. Any jelly-strength instant gelatin will make good ice cream. But different intensities must be matched with corresponding concentrations. Because instant gelatin for frozen foods has a strong texture and water retention effect. Over time, ice cream develops the perfect mouthfeel and stability. So instant gelatin is also widely used to make frozen food. Instant gelatin can be added to meat products as a jelly for the production of pork, ham, and canned meats. This increases the yield and quality of the product. Instant gelatin can also act as an emulsifier for some meat products. It also preserves the original features of the product. In canned food, instant gelatin also acts as a thickening agent.

    7.Beverage clarifying agent

    Instant gelatin can be used as a clarifying agent in the production of beer, juice, beverages and other products. Because instant gelatin can form a flocculent precipitate. After standing, the flocculent colloidal particles can be adsorbed, agglomerated and co-precipitated with turbidity, and then removed by filtration. For different beverages, instant gelatin can be used with different substances as needed. Thereby different effects can be achieved. For different beverages, the amount of instant gelatin added is also different. In fruit juice beverages, the amount of instant gelatin added is 2% to 3%. In beer clarification, an aqueous solution containing 0.5% gelatin was used. The dosage of instant gelatin in clarified grape wine is 0.1~0.3g/L. In the production of tea beverages, instant gelatin can be used with different substances for different tea beverages. So as to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of tea beverages. As a result, the flavour profile of the product is not negatively affected.

    What are the benefits of instant gelatin?

    1.Improves Gut Health and Digestion

    Instant gelatin is similar to collagen. They both help prevent intestinal damage and improve the lining of the digestive tract. Thus preventing osmosis and intestinal leakage. Because the gut wall in our body is one of the most important defense lines of our body. It works by keeping particulates from food, bacteria and yeast in the digestive system to which they belong. This prevents it from seeping into the bloodstream. Thus avoiding the possibility of our body triggering inflammation.

    Instant gelatin also increases your ability to produce gastric acid. Because this is necessary for our bodies to properly digest and absorb nutrients. Glycine can help us restore the healthy lining of the gastric mucosa. It is also important for our body to promote the balance of digestive enzymes and stomach acid. Instant gelatin absorbs moisture. This helps prevent water retention and bloating in our body, while improving constipation.

    2.Protect joints and reduce joint pain

    The elasticity of instant gelatin promotes the healing of connective tissue. Because consuming instant gelatin can reduce joint pain. It also increases cartilage density, making joints more durable. Arthritis is common in older adults. As you age, your bones become stiffer and stiffer. This leaves our joints with pain and limited mobility that can get worse over time. But instant gelatin helps delay this reaction. This reduces pain and stops the progressive disease that leads to impaired joint function.

    So people with arthritis, osteoporosis, and exercise-related soreness or injuries can all benefit from supplementing with instant gelatin. People who took instant gelatin had less inflammation and less joint or muscle pain. This allows for better recovery and even improved athletic ability.

    3.Helps improve sleep quality

    Instant gelatin can help those who have persistent trouble falling asleep, can’t fall asleep, or have poor sleep duration. Because the consumption of instant gelatin has a certain impact on the subjective sleep quality of the human body. It improves daytime sleepiness and cognitive function, sleep quality and sleep efficacy. It also shortens the time it takes to fall asleep and improves sleep speed fluctuation sleep. And without changing our normal healthy sleep structure.

    Glycine is one of the most abundant amino acids in instant gelatin. Glycine also seems to improve our sleep quality in a different way than traditional sleep medications or hypnotics. Because it helps promote restful sleep ability. Glycine can also help your body fight stress hormones and reduce anxiety. This can help us fall into deep sleep faster and feel clearer and more alert the next day. Even better, the extra glycine doesn’t cause daytime sleepiness. This usually means less drowsiness and side effects the next day. Glycine improves sleep quality and duration by stimulating certain nerves. Because proper sleep cycles and rest are also important for the general functioning and metabolism of the body. Sleep quality affects our physical health in many ways.

    4.Improve cognitive ability

    Amino acids and glycine inhibit nerve stress. This means that it works similarly to certain anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications, without unwanted complications and side effects. People often use glycine and other forms of amino acid therapy to naturally improve mental clarity and a sense of calm. Because certain amino acids can reduce stress hormones. This is also one of the great benefits of instant gelatin for our body. This helps to improve our cognitive abilities. Instant gelatin also has a certain improvement and boost to our mood.

    5.Supports detoxification in the body

    Instant gelatin is high in glycine. Because glycine helps balance the inflammatory effects of methionine. Excessive intake of methionine can lead to the accumulation of methionine and cause cardiovascular disease. So instant gelatin is a major detox. It helps protect your liver, processing toxins and flushing out heavy metals. This helps us flush out toxins from our body. It improves the immune function in our body. This means improving our health and detoxification. So that we can better fight infection and disease. So it is beneficial to have instant gelatin in our daily diet.This is also a big role for instant gelatin.

    6.Improve our physical condition

    Instant gelatin can increase human growth hormone and also promote metabolism. Its fiber and protein content also makes you feel fuller. Thereby eliminating your hunger and reducing overeating. This helps us manage our weight better. This has certain benefits for our physical health.

    Instant gelatin also provides our body with essential protein. This improves the moisture and elasticity of our skin, promotes healing and prevents wrinkles. Your body needs amino acids and glycine in particular. Because they can help build collagen. Collagen is one of the essential elements of our healthy skin. So instant gelatin helps fight wrinkles, sagging and sun exposure. This is great to help our skin condition improve. Our physical condition has also improved. It helps maintain skin elasticity and hydration. Thereby reducing the phenomenon of skin aging. Therefore, consuming instant gelatin can make the skin more moisturizing and have a higher collagen density.

    7.Balance hormones in the body

    Hormones are important factors in regulating every function in our body, from metabolism to sleep cycles. You feel energized when your hormones are functioning at their best. This allows you to maintain a healthy weight and generally be in a happier mood. Since hormones are made up of amino acids, getting a variety of amino acids in your diet is essential for general hormone health and balance. Instant gelatin contains high amounts of amino acids that help rebalance hormones.
    Instant gelatin also contains several amino acids that stimulate the production of human growth hormone. This growth hormone stimulates cell repair and regeneration. It also plays an important role in energy production, strength and endurance.

    8.Repair damaged hair

    Instant gelatin helps restore the natural shine of dull, dry or damaged hair. Natural moisture is obtained when we whip the eggs and apply them to the hair. But instant gelatin has the same benefits. It helps deliver protein and moisture to the hair shaft, which are necessary to strengthen and improve hair texture. To make a gelatin hair mask, use a ratio of 1 tablespoon instant gelatin powder to ⅓ cup water. You can also add other shine-boosting ingredients to your hair mask, such as apple cider vinegar or coconut oil.

    9.prevent us from having cellulite

    Cellulite is a physical characteristic that many women experience. Because it’s almost inevitable and it’s hard to get rid of it. But instant gelatin can prevent cellulite from growing. The reason we develop cellulite is the production of collagen and the reduction of skin elasticity. Therefore, regular exercise and avoiding collagen-depleting foods are important to prevent cellulite. But adding instant gelatin to your diet may help boost your efforts. Because it stimulates collagen production. This way we are less likely to grow cellulite. Our physical health will also be improved to some extent.

    Preparation method of instant gelatin

    Gelatin currently on the market can only swell but not dissolve in water at room temperature. This means that they cannot form a homogeneous gelatin solution. When the temperature is above 30°C, gelatin can be dissolved in water to form a gelatin solution. But when the temperature drops to room temperature, the gelatin solution becomes jelly again. In some fields, we need to dissolve gelatin in water at about 10-25°C to form a gelatin solution. But this gelatin could not meet that requirement. So we produced instant gelatin to address this need. This is why instant gelatin is becoming more and more popular.

    Raw material processing: First, the fish skin needs to be washed with clean water. Then, the fish skin is subjected to a salt treatment with a common salt solution, and the fish skin is subjected to an alkali treatment with an alkaline solution.

    Washing and neutralizing: We should rinse the alkali-treated fish skin with clean water. In this way, the alkali-treated fish skin can be neutralized with a weak acid.

    Gum extraction: We put the fish skin into water at 40-90°C and continue to heat for 2-8 hours to achieve the gelatinization.

    Filtration: Pass the heated liquid through cotton cake filtration, ion exchange filtration and membrane filtration in sequence. This will remove the residue extraction gel night.

    Evaporative drying: The gelatin produced by the production method of this technology can be completely dissolved in water to form a gelatin solution below 10°C. The bloom of this gelatin is 0. This is how instant gelatin is made. We can use this method to produce instant gelatin.

    Physicochemical properties of instant gelatin

    Instant gelatin is the product of denaturation of collagen. It belongs to the category of protein macromolecules. So it has similar properties to protein macromolecules. However, due to the particularity of the molecular structure, its physical and chemical properties are also unique.

    Isoelectric point

    Generally, the isoelectric point of acid method instant gelatin is in the range of pH 7.5 to 9, while the isoelectric point of alkali method instant gelatin is in the range of pH 4.8 to 5.0. When the instant gelatin phases prepared by these two different processes are mixed and used, incompatibility will occur. Such as emulsion delamination, reduced transparency, agglomeration and so on. Therefore, when mixing glue, pay attention to the isoelectric point of the glue and the pH when it is used.

    surface active

    Polypeptide chains composed of amino acids have hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions. Therefore, instant gelatin has appropriate surface activity like some surfactants. The surface tension of instant gelatin solution is related to its concentration, temperature, pH value and other factors. In the instant gelatin solution concentration of 1% or less, the temperature is 10 ~ 45 ℃. We measured at the interface where the solution was formed for less than 1 hour and found that the surface tension is the highest between pH=2~3. The minimum surface tension occurs at the isoelectric point. When the surface tension decreases linearly with temperature below 30°C, it decreases more sharply between 30 and 40°C. Above 40°C, it further decreases with the increasing temperature, and the rate of decrease is greater than that of pure water. Where aging occurs, surface tension generally decreases over time.

    gel strength

    When instant gelatin is put into water, its viscosity gradually increases. If the concentration is high enough and the temperature is low enough, the aqueous solution of instant gelatin will turn into a gel. Gelatin gel is similar to a solid substance that retains its shape and is elastic. This is an incomparable property of gelatin. The stable gel strength value can be measured by cooling the instant gelatin solution at low temperature until gelation occurs and aging at a certain low temperature for a certain period of time. The gel strength of gelatin is related to its molecular weight and its distribution, amino acid composition and technological process. The gel strength required for different uses of gelatin is also different.

    The freezing of the instant gelatin and the change of the gel network are caused by the partial restoration of the disordered molecules in solution to the collagen structure. Substances induced and produced in instant gelatin are more extensively reversed to collagen, which is also the reverse process of gel formation. However, it will vary due to the molecular dispersion of gelatin, the complex chemical composition and their extraordinary concentration. During the renaturation process, the components of gelatin play different roles.

    When gelatin gel is cooled below 0°C, the internal moisture will freeze. The gravitational attraction of its crystal lattice exceeds the gravitational attraction of gelatin molecules to water molecules, and the water forms ice crystals in the middle of the gel’s internal network, which gradually expands. The lower the temperature, the more moisture crystallizes. This method is economical without compromising quality.


    Viscosity reflects the internal friction caused by relative motion when tiny fiber molecules dissolve and disperse in water. For dilute solutions, the internal friction force is almost zero due to the very small number of molecules in the system. Therefore, the viscosity will reflect the average molecular weight of the polypeptide chain system. Therefore, under the conditions of fixed temperature, pH, etc., the viscosity measurement of dilute solutions is mainly used to determine the average molecular weight of gelatin systems. In the case of concentrated solutions, the viscosity is mainly caused by the hydrodynamic interaction between the gelatin molecules. In the concentration range of concentrated gelatin solutions, the main variables affecting viscosity are temperature, pH and added salts. In addition, the average molecular weight and molecular weight distribution of gelatin also affect the viscosity of gelatin.

    As an instant gelatin manufacturer, our company provides high-quality instant gelatin to all customers. Our company can meet the needs of customers, with an excellent production team and high-quality production raw materials. Now there is more and more demand for instant gelatin, we can supply a large amount of instant gelatin to satisfy our customers. This is also a big advantage for us as a supplier of instant gelatin. If you have any needs for instant gelatin, you can contact us to inquire.

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