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Peptone Manufacturer Supplier Wholesaler

The Peptone Manufacturer in china. Xiamen Huaxuan Gelatin has been a famous peptone manufacturer for more than 16 years. We have different grades of peptones to meet the needs of our customers—–industrial grade and pharmaceutical grade. We produce peptones with stable quality and fast delivery. Meanwhile, it has different grades to meet your requirements.
As a Peptone Manufacturer, we have very advantageous price and quality. So as to ensure to provide customers with a best service plan. Our products can be exported to many countries, including India, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Mexico, the United States, South Korea, Thailand, Pakistan, etc. So as to meet the different needs of customers from different countries.


White or Light Yellow Powder


Protein content (%)

≥ 90%


Moisture (%)



PH (5% solution)



Ash (mg/kg)









Grade Standard

Industrial Grade




white, light yellow, yellow


culture medium, Pharmaceutical, medicine


light yellow or light brown powder

Taste and Smell

natural, no other peculiar smell


no normal sight visible foreign material


culture medium


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    Peptone supplier tell for you: The sources and types of peptones

    Peptone supplier manufacturing Peptone is a pale yellow powder obtained by hydrolyzing meat, casein or gelatin with acid or protease and drying. It has a special meaty taste. Peptones can also be formed when proteins are broken down by acids, bases or proteases. One of the main digestion products of protein in the stomach is peptone. Peptones are rich in organic nitrogen compounds and also including some vitamins and sugars. It can be used as the main raw material for microbial culture medium.

    Xiamen Huaxuan Gelatin is a peptone manufacturer. The peptones we produce can be used in the fields of antibiotics, pharmaceutical industry, fermentation industry, biochemical products and microbial scientific research. Different organisms require specific amino acids and polypeptides, so various peptones exist. In general, we mainly use animal protein (casein, meat), vegetable protein (beans) and microbial protein (yeast) to produce organic peptones. It can provide nutrients such as C source, N source, and growth factors for microorganisms.

    Peptone manufacturer manufacturing Peptones are hydrolyzed products of proteins, which we usually use as a protein source in culture media. Because they are soluble mixtures of polypeptides and amino acids formed by hydrolysis of animal and plant proteins. It offers important nutritional support for cell growth and proliferation, microbial fermentation and recombinant protein production.

    Typical protein sources of peptone include meat, milk, soy, yeast and gelatin. As a peptone supplier, we can provide different forms of peptone to meet the needs of our different customers. This is also a big advantage for us as a peptone manufacturer.

    The application and use of peptone supplier manufacturing peptone

    Generally, proteins used for peptone production include animal protein, vegetable protein and microbial protein. As a manufacturer of peptones, we also offer peptones as cultured bacteria. This peptone can be used in foods to increase protein content. It can also be used in feed, which can significantly reduce the production cost of feed mills, and is a good product for insufficient protein sources in the feed industry. Peptone can be used in fertilizer manufacturing because of its high nitrogen content. Therefore, many industries are willing to choose our company as their peptone supplier.

    Peptone manufacturer manufacturing Peptone contains a large amount of nitrogen sources and amino acids. Various microbial media can be prepared for the cultivation, isolation, propagation and identification of bacteria. It also includes the configuration of media used to test the biochemical properties of bacteria, such as sterile test media and anaerobic bacteria media. As a peptone supplier, Xiamen Huaxuan Gelatin can also be widely used in high-quality antibiotics, vitamins, pharmaceutical industry, amino acids, organic acids, enzymes, xanthan gum and other fermentation industries, biochemical products and microbiological research fields.


    Our advantages as a peptone manufacturer

    Many experiments need the use of various peptones in different situations,this is to facilitate refinement, development and precise research results. The development of the biotechnology industry has further stimulated interest in peptones. As a result, the number of peptone manufacturers and suppliers has increased in order to meet the demands of end consumers. In addition, the biopharmaceutical business is increasingly focusing on developing cells with comprehensive characterization. This also improves the demand for peptone and its enhancement. As a peptone manufacturer, we have a certain technical basis for the production and supply of peptone.

    In recent years, the peptone market has become increasingly hot. This also requires us peptone manufacturers to become more and more professional. As a peptone supplier, we have a professional method of manufacturing peptone to meet the needs of our customers for peptone. The peptones we produce are of good quality, which is why our company has been doing so well. We are very specialized in peptone producing for fermentation and fertilizers. Among the peptone manufacturers in China, we take excellent product quality, good service attitude and fast logistics as our service tenet. Therefore, we are also one of the top suppliers of peptones.

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