We always use fish gelatin sheets make many desserts. Usually we have some satisfaction in making some desserts and pastries ourselves. Today I will teach you how to use fish gelatin sheets manufacturer make a 6-inch mulberry gradual mousse, which can be made without an oven. What role does gelatin play in making mousse? Gelatin wholesaler.

Make mulberry gradual mousse with gelatin

The role of using fish gelatin sheets manufacturer

1. Gelatin inhibits browning when two different foods are combined

2. To prevent food from absorbing moisture and becoming rigid, coating edible gelatin on the surface of powdered and granular sugars can prevent sugars from absorbing moisture and avoid agglomeration.

3. Can make the food surface luster, improve the quality of food.

4. It can prevent food from spoilage and oxidation. The coating with a concentration of 10% to 15% gelatin is apply to hams, cured meats, sausages and cheeses. Can prevent food spoilage, prolong food preservation.

5. Fish gelatin sheets manufacturer acts as a stabilizer to prevent the product from shrinking.

6. Preservation effect. Add gelatin solution to the sugar solution of  steeping fruits and vegetables. It can form skin film on the surface of fruit and vegetable to ensure freshness and natural flavor of food.

Materials needed to use fish gelatin sheets to make 6 inch mulberry gradient mousse

300g milk

Mulberry 200g

6 inch cocoa chiffon cake 1 piece

Gelatin sheets 2 pieces

Whipped cream 100g

40g caster sugar

Steps to manufacturer make mulberry gradual mousse with fish gelatin sheets

Step 1. Break the mulberries with a food processor, and put them into three bowls according to 1:2:3

Step 2. Using the fish gelatin sheets melted in cold water, add warm milk and stir evenly

Step 3. Add fish gelatin sheets milk to a bowl of mulberry juice, mix well and cool

Step 4. Place a piece of cocoa chiffon cake at the bottom of the 6-inch mousse ring

Step 5. Add whipped cream and fine sugar to beat five to distribute, and add them to the bowl separately

Step 6. Pour the mousse solution one by one according to the color depth, and add the next time after each refrigeration and solidification

Step 7. The hot air of the hair dryer blows the outside of the mold.

Step 8. Demould, decorate with mulberries and mint leaves.


The mousse of each color must be refrigerated and completely solidified before adding another.

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