We can use jelly glue in many fields, so the number of animal jelly glue manufacturer is gradually increasing. Because the shape resembles jelly, it is called jelly glue. The main component of jelly glue is industrial gelatin, which is a new type of environmentally friendly adhesive. Jelly glue is a non-toxic and tasteless colloid generally used for industrial packaging bonding. The main function of jelly glue is to bond high-end gift boxes, hard book covers, and folders. Products bonded with jelly glue are not easy to deform and mold, and can enhance the strength of paper products. In addition to strong viscosity, jelly glue also has moderate softness, which makes paper products not easy to break.

Animal jelly glue manufacturer

According to the different production processes, jelly glue has three ways to use: low speed, medium speed and high speed. According to the viscosity of the glue, there are several different viscosities of jelly glue: low viscosity, medium viscosity and high viscosity. Since the raw material of jelly glue is animal protein, it will not have an unpleasant smell and will not cause any pollution to the surrounding environment. So you can choose jelly glue to put into use with confidence.

Jelly glue is a high protein material and therefore we cannot mix it with other glues and materials. We should use it immediately after opening the protective film of jelly glue, and avoid exposing the jelly to the air for a long time. We can use the jelly gel repeatedly, but if we heat and cool the gel repeatedly it will also affect the viscosity of the gel. Therefore, we can add an appropriate amount of glue to increase the viscosity according to the actual processing amount. The multifunctional use of jelly glue is also a major application of gelatin wholesale.