Taking apple pectin for a long time is very helpful to our health. As a pectin manufacturer with many years of experience in China, we are honored to introduce the effects of apple pectin to you.

apple pectin

What are the effects of apple pectin?

Apple pectin accumulates in the water-soluble fiber between the skin and pulp of the apple. As the name implies, water-soluble fibers are water-soluble fibers. Pectin contains D-galacturonic acid molecules. Both have strong viscosity and adsorption. Possess natural chelating detoxification effect. The higher the percentage of D-galacturonic acid molecules, the better the chelation effect can detoxify and maintain good health. Apple pectin effect pectin supplier.

A nutrient factor in the brain

The first thing we’re going to talk about the effect of apple pectin is that apple pectin is a nutrient for the brain. Apple pectin is not absorbed by the stomach and small intestine, but is converted to butyrate after being digested by microorganisms in the large intestine. After the acid salt enters the brain, it can promote the release of nutrient factors from nerve cells. Moreover, maintain the health and growth of brain cells. Furthermore, butyrate can prevent and improve various brain or nervous system problems for people of different ages.

Symptoms for children: memory, thinking, autism

The second we want to introduce the effect of apple pectin is that it can promote our memory. During the growth stage of children, nerve cells need nutritional factors to support growth and development. Besides, apple pectin can help enhance short-term and long-term memory and enhance learning ability.

Children with autism, due to insufficient neurotrophic factors, prevent them from coordinating their mouth muscles when speaking, and can’t make a sound. As a result, the mood is irritable and depressed. In addition, apple pectin can be used to supplement nutritional factors. Therefore, improve muscle coordination, and strengthen logical thinking.

Symptoms for adults: insomnia, migraine, depression, anxiety

The third effect of apple pectin is that it can relive our anxiety. Long-term accumulation of stress can cause autonomic nervous system disorders and cause many mood disorders. In response to the above problems. Therefore, the main effects of certain drugs prescribed by doctors are actually to increase the nutritional factors of the brain to relieve anxiety and stabilize mood.

Symptoms for the elderly: cerebellar atrophy, hearing loss, Parkinson’s disease.

The common degenerative diseases of these elderly people are all related to insufficient brain nutrient factors. To repair damaged nerve cells. Or to prevent the above symptoms of decline, you can choose apple pectin.

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