We can eat chicken type II collagen for long time. Because as people age, collagen in the body is gradually lost. And our company is a pure collagen wholesale. We can use collagen supplements to replenish the collagen lost in our body. Here is an introduction the benefits of chicken type II collagen to you. In addition, pure collagen wholesale obtain it from the production and processing of chicken cartilage.

chicken type II collagen

What is chicken type II protein powder?

As a pure collagen wholesale, our chicken type II collagen powder is derived from healthy chicken breast cartilage. Chicken type II collagen wholesale prepare it by modern biological separation and extraction technology. In order to hydrolyze collagen (peptide), the product is rich in collagen and mucopolysaccharides. Besides, the composition is natural, safe and effective. And then people can use it as oral skin care products for adult men and women. Replenish and maintain moisture, reduce the symptoms of aging, and can also use for bone and joint health care products for middle-aged and elderly people. Moreover, it can also prevent and treat bone and joint diseases, improve the quality of life, and increase the happiness index.

Benefits of Chicken Type II Collagen

1. Contribute to the health of bones, joints and skin.

2. Sports nutrition.

3. Healthy aging.

4. Skin care.

Our advantages as a wholesaler of  chicken type II collagen

First, it have good water solubility.

Second, it have specific density and particle size.

Third, it have low viscosity.

Fourth, it have neutral taste and smell.

Fifth, it have good thermal stability.

Sixth, it have compatibility with other active ingredients (vitamins, minerals, etc.).

Seventh, it contains mucopolysaccharides, and can also works synergistically.

Last but not least, as chicken type II collagen wholesale, if you want purchase our product, you can feel free contact us.