Collagen hydrolysate is very popular in our lives. We can add it our recipe. Our company, huaxuan gelatin is pure collagen wholesale organization. We are the one of collagen hydrolysate manufacturer. Then we will introduce collagen hydrolysate to you.

What is Collagen Hydrolysate?

Collagen fills all parts of your body. We are able to find collagen exist inside our connective tissues, bones and skin. Collagen accounts for one-third of our body’s total protein and three-quarters of our skin. But collagen hydrolysate supplements are not exactly the same as the collagen in your body. Because our body can break this down to make it easier to digest.

The process of hydrolyzing collagen is a chemical process. It can break down proteins into smaller parts. So when we use health supplements. We often see that the label hydrolyzed collagen and collagen peptide can be used mutually. Since both refer to the form of collagen that is simpler to dissolve. You will usually observe hydrolyzed collagen on the Internet and on store shelves. This hydrolyzed collagen is usually provided in the type of dietary supplement powder.

The Benefits of Hydrolyzed Collagen
1 . Skin Health

Most of the potential effects of collagen products in the diet are effects on the skin. Mainly because collagen naturally makes up about 75% of the skin’s dry weight. As we age, the collagen within our pores and skin will degrade. Because starting from the age of 20, our body’s annual collagen production in your skin will be reduced by 1%. This kind of degradation and reduced collagen production are the main reasons for the deterioration of your skin we have. So supplementing with collagen hydrolysate may increase the moisture and elasticity of skin. At the same time boost the density of collagen. Therefore, hydrolyzed collagen is definitely promising for epidermis aging.

2 . Joint Wellness

We can supplement hydrolyzed collagen to improve overall joint health. Because collagen supplementation has a great influence on joint pain. Consequently, the use of hydrolyzed collagen can easily significantly reduce our joint pain. This is also a great benefit of collagen hydrolysate to our body.

3. Muscle Mass

We all know that protein can build muscle. As a result, collagen supplementation can improve fat-free body weight and muscle strength. For that reason, bodyweight and muscle strength will increase as we product with collagen hydrolysate. That is also the effect of collagen on our muscle mass. If we take collagen every day. So it can improve and restore our muscle mass soreness.

4. Heart Well being

Collagen is naturally present in your blood vessels and smooth muscle tissue cells. Therefore it is only natural that it may play a role in heart wellness. What’s not completely clear can be whether supplementing with hydrolyzed collagen will directly affect heart health. Consequently, we can increase heart wellness by taking collagen hydrolysate.

5. Hair and Nail Overall health

Collagen is usually rich in the skin. It also contains amino acids that are essential for healthy hair development. Therefore , collagen hydrolysate will have a direct impact on hair well being. You can find more detailed information inside our hair growth amino acid guide. As a result, collagen also plays a role in nail health. Consequently, collagen supplementation can promote nail growth. It can also boost fragile nails and decrease nail breakage.

6. Weight Loss

Collagen can help us manage weight. As a good source of protein, collagen can replace foods with higher calories. Simultaneously it helps muscle building and fat loss. Therefore we can health supplement collagen hydrolysate to lose weight.

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