We often add edible collagen to our diet. Because edible fish collagen have many benefits. Our company, huaxuan gelatin is pure collagen wholesale company. So we can tell you to use it.

What is fish collagen?

Collagen is always a hot theme in the beauty industry. Therefore, collagen supplementation is the concern of many female friends. One of them is fish collagen. Fish collagen is mainly take out from fish meat and fish skin through technology. Mainly type I collagen. Because it has a variety of amino acids. It also has high digestibility. The thermal stability of fish collagen in aqueous solution is excellent. It can also have an excellent affinity with human skin. This can give full play to its functions such as penetration, moisturizing, and repair.

The composition of fish collagen is the similar to that of the human body. This is also the easiest collagen to be recognized and absorbed by body tissues. The absorption rate is also the highest. The collagen of fish is mainly derivative from the cartilage of deep-sea fish. Therefore, it is indeed scientifically reasonable for women to eat shark fins to nourish their skin. In addition, in order to better release the collagen in the food. The best cooking methods are stewed, boiled, burnt and soup.

Edible fish collagen have benefits

The benefits of fish collagen

1. lubricant for joints

Osteoarthritis is one of the main diseases will cause by the lack of bone organic matter. It is also degenerative arthritis. The reason is that the human body grows with age. The function of body organs is degraded. Therefore, the ability to produce collagen is insufficient. Cartilage has an important cushioning function on joints. The joints will cover by flexible cartilage. And 50% of cartilage is collagen. So we can eat fish collagen to improve our joints.

2.strong bones

When our body lacks collagen, it is difficult to fix calcium. Therefore, the calcium loss cannot be improved. This affects bone density and causes osteoporosis. Therefore, proper replenishment of fish collagen that the human body will inevitably lose. To accommodate inorganic and organic substances such as calcium. It will definitely help prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis. Or the healing of the injured part after the onset.

3.promote the body’s metabolism

Fish collagen is of great significance for maintaining the normal physiological functions of the human body. It can also maintain vitality and delay aging. Now it has been found that there are more than 13 types of collagen distributed throughout the body. Different types will distribute in various organs and internal organs. They can serve different functions. Human aging can cause various symptoms. These are all signs of deterioration of collagen metabolism. Therefore, it is very important to stimulate the metabolism of collagen.

4. improve constipation

Fish collagen can attract water and electrolytes in the blood. So as to exchange the formation of tissue. The tissue is supplemented with nutrition, and it will perform its function. The tissues are fill with water to nourish the smooth muscles of the intestinal wall. This can shorten the time it takes for stool to pass through the intestines. So as to avoid excessive absorption of fecal moisture in the intestines. In order to achieve the purpose of moistening the bowel and improving constipation.

5.improve immunity

Fish collagen is an important source of nutrients. It is rich in amino acids, especially those that the human body cannot synthesize. Regularly supplement fish collagen in an appropriate amount. It also helps strengthen the functions of various tissues and organs. Thereby enhancing human immunity. It can also increase cell proliferation. And strengthen the function of internal organs to protect the liver and activate liver cells. So as to protect liver cells and promote insulin secretion. It can also promote milk secretion and inhibit cancer cell metastasis. Therefore edible fish collagen have benefits.

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