Edible pectin is very common in our daily life. Because edible pectin is good to our body. Our company, huaxuan gelatin is pectin manufacturer company. So we can tell you to learn how to use it in recipe.

Pectin is a kind of edible gum take out from plants. It is widely find in the cell walls of the roots, stems and leaves of plants. Especially the content of peel is relatively high. In the past, it was mainly used as a thickener and emulsifier in the food industry. In recent years, the medicinal value of pectin is also find out. Therefore, its application in medicine has become more and more extensive. In addition, the medicinal value of pectin is gradually discovery.

Edible pectin is good to our body

The medicinal value of pectin

Pectin has anti-diarrhea effect

Pectin can be made into a compound preparation for the treatment of gastric ulcer. Such as tablets, powders, capsules. Edible pectin has anti-diarrhea effects. Eating pectin can produce peculiar effects. Because taking this medicine can inhibit the occurrence of gastric ulcers. It also can prevent the ulcer from recurring after healed. Therefore eliminate the pain caused by ulcers. Long-term use without any side effects. Pectin is a good medicine for curing diseases.

Pectin has anti-cancer effects

Studies have shown that citrus pectin is a soluble component in fruit and plant fiber. It has the ability to interfere with the interaction between cells. Thereby affecting tumor metastasis. In addition, pectin also prevents rectal cancer. We can consume edible pectin on a regular basis. This can be effective in preventing the occurrence of cancer. Thereby improving our physical health. This is also a major benefit of edible pectin to our body.

Pectin has hypoglycemic effect

Pumpkin is one of the traditional hypoglycemic foods in our country. Some people think that its hypoglycemic component is pectin. Because pectin can delay the intestinal absorption of sugar and lipids. Therefore, pumpkin can affect the absorption of sugar. It can also supplement the essential elements of the body. So as to play a hypoglycemic effect. This is also a major benefit of edible pectin to our human body. We can add edible pectin to our recipes. This can better absorb nutrients.

Pectin has a detoxifying effect

Pectin can combine with high-priced heavy metal ions. Thereby generating new substances to take out from the body. Pectin can also fix radioactive substances in the body. Pectin is hardly digested during the digestion process. It is excreted together with harmful substances. Therefore, it can use as an antidote for heavy metal poisoning. It can also use for first aid for methanol poisoning. So we can use edible pectin to detoxify. Because pectin has great benefits to our human body.

The application of edible pectin

The ointment based on pectin has a slow-release effect. It can form a protective film at the ulcer or inflammation site. Thereby lengthening the residence time of the drug. Pectin can make into an ointment to treat diseases. Pectin can also make into ointments for the treatment of oral diseases. This is a major application of edible pectin in medicine.

Pectin can be used as a thickening agent in oral liquids. Thereby increasing the availability of drugs. In addition, pectin can also use in granules and the like. As the active ingredient of pharmaceutical preparations. It has many pharmacological effects. It can use alone to treat certain diseases. These values of pectin determine that its application in the pharmaceutical industry will become more and more extensive. At the same time, pectin is bound to attract more and more attention as a health product.

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