Pectin has many uses and effects. Because edible pectin is helpful to us. Our company, huaxuan gelatin is pectin manufacture company. So we can teach you to study and use it.

Pectin is a type of fiber in plant cell walls. It helps to give the plant structure. Apple pectin is take out from apples. Apples are the richest origin of fiber. Because about 15-20% of the pulp is composed of pectin.

Pectin is also present in the peel of citrus fruits. It is also can find in papaya, cherries, plums and other fruits and vegetables. Eating raw apples is the best way to protect pectin. But proper cooking methods can also retain the efficacy of pectin. Apple pectin is associated with some new health benefits. This includes lowering cholesterol and improving blood sugar control.

Edible pectin is helpful to us

The efficacy and use of edible pectin

1. May promote intestinal health

Your gut microbes need proper nutrition to stay healthy. Because there are healthy bacteria in the intestines. It breaks down certain foods and kills dangerous organisms. It can also produce vitamins necessary for the human body. Edible pectin helps feed these good bacteria. Apple pectin can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. Therefore it is considered to be very nutritious pectin. In addition, it may help inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract. Therefore, edible pectin is a beneficial nutrient for us. It can digest beneficial bacteria in the intestines. So as to promote intestinal health in our body.

2. Helps to lose weight

Apple pectin can help us lose weight by delaying stomach digestion. Because slow digestion may help you feel full for a long time. In turn, this may decrease your food intake. This can lead to our weight loss. So even those who take the smallest dose of edible pectin will feel full. So as to help us reduce food intake. Therefore, edible pectin can make you feel full for a long time. This helps us to lose weight.

3. Can control blood sugar

Soluble fiber such as edible pectin can lower blood sugar levels. So as to prevent the occurrence of diabetes and other diseases. If diabetic patients take edible pectin every day. Then their blood sugar response will improve. Because edible pectin helps control blood sugar. So edible is very helpful to us. We can consume pectin regularly to control blood sugar.

4. Contribute to heart health

Edible pectin can lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. So as to promote our heart health. This substance can bind to the bile acids in our small intestine. Therefore, edible pectin helps to improve cholesterol levels. In general, pectin can reduce our total cholesterol by 5 to 16%. This is very helpful to us. Because poor cholesterol levels are the main cause of heart disease. In addition, edible pectin may also affect our blood pressure. Instability of blood pressure is another risk factor for heart disease. Therefore, edible pectin can reduce the risk factors for heart disease.

It has various cooking methods

Pectin is the most common ingredient in jams and pie fillings. Because it helps thicken and stabilize food. Apple pectin can also be used as a supplement. In addition, the whole apple can provide edible pectin. We can eat apple slices raw. Or go for smoothies. You can also mix them in oatmeal.

Adding pectin as a supplement to your diet is very simple. Although whole apples also provide a lot of pectin. Edible pectin is a soluble fiber with many potential health benefits. It can improve our health. You can use apple jam and jelly. Or eat whole apples to supplement pectin. Therefore edible pectin is helpful to us.

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