With the improvement of the economy, people have a strong interest in health care. To keep themself young forever, They are not stingy. They are pleased to spend their money on health care. fish collagen peptide has the magic to fascinate people. If you have any doubt about how to choose a better supplier. You can consider Xiamen Huaxuan gelatin. I think we can give you a professional product.


What are the Fish collagen peptides?


After the fish skin is hydrolyzed with enzymes, it becomes fish collagen peptides. People can digest and absorb it. Fish collagen peptides also called marine collagen, come from fish bones, skin, scales, etc.).It is popular in the beauty industry because it promotes collagen growth in the skin and maintains a certain youthful complexion. Fish collagen peptides are a type I collagen, making them ideal for the skin, hair, and bone supplements.

The efficacy and role of fish collagen peptides

It can beautify the skin, delay aging, lighten freckles, whiten skin, enlarge breasts, repair wounds, etc. It can lock in the moisture of the skin and keep the skin hydrated at all times. It can also delay skin aging, especially by repairing the broken elastic fibers in the skin, rebuilding the skin structure better, making the skin elastic fibers play better, and delaying skin aging. Then it can also make the skin whiter, more tender, and more tender, and can prevent the production of melanin in the skin, making the skin more whitening.

Using the way of Fish Collagen Peptide

1. The method of this product is very simple. Take 1-2 sachets a day , Mix with warm water, milk, or juice before or after meals.

2. Make a spray
Take a bag of fish collagen peptides, add an appropriate amount of lotion, and enough water, stir well, make a spray, and then pour it into a small watering can, you can use it to spray on your face when you feel your skin is dry, and nourish your skin anytime, anywhere.

3. Made into a mask
First, Put one bag in a clean container, then pour in an appropriate amount of lotion to make a paste, wash your face and apply it directly on your face, leave it on for about 15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water

The usage is not difficult, but if you want better results, you must be more careful.


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