Fish collagen powder is more and more important to us. Becuase it can help our body better. Our company, huaxuan gelatin is pure collagen wholesale company. We are the one of fish collagen powder manufacturers. Then we will introduce fish collagen powder to you.

What is fish collagen powder?

Fish collagen is extracted from the skin and bones of fish. Collagen can also be extracted from fish skin. The collagen content in fish skin can exceed 80% of its total protein. Collagen is rich in amino acids needed by the human body. Collagen is a high molecular functional protein. It is the main component of the skin. And it accounts for 80% of the dermis of the skin. It can form a delicate elastic net in the skin. Therefore firmly locks in moisture and supports the skin.

Fish collagen powder is type I collagen. It is the most abundant collagen in the human body. Type I is best known for providing the foundation for skin, connective tissue and bones. Type I collagen is an integral part of our skin. Fish collagen powder is an antioxidant. It has better utilization than bovine and porcine collagen. Because we can absorb it better and enter the blood faster. So we think it is the best source of medicinal collagen.

Fish collagen powder manufacturers

The functions of collagen powder

1. Reduce wrinkles: It can fill partial collapse of dermal tissue. Then improving the sagging of our skin. Therefore, it can tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles. So as to smooth fine lines.

2. Improve hair quality: If there is a lack of collagen, the hair will become dry and cracked and break easily. Therefore, fish collagen powder is beneficial to hair.

3. Whitening and spot-lightening: Fish collagen powder can make the cell link closer. Therefore speeding up new cells and removing melanin. This can whiten the skin and lighten the spots.

4. Moisturizing: Fish collagen powder has a unique triple helix structure. So this can lock 30 times the moisture. So as to make our skin lasting moisturized and shiny.

5. Restore elasticity: After the fish collagen powder enters the skin, it can repair the damaged and aging elastic fiber network. Therefore increasing skin firmness. This can make our skin firm and elastic.

6. Strong muscles and joints: Collagen is the main component of joint capsule and synovial fluid. It can nourish joint tissues and maintain joint health. Therefore improving joint function, increasing the strength and flexibility of the femur. This can promote bone stiffness and elasticity.

7. Wound healing: Collagen can stimulate the internal collagen synthesis ability. In this way, the damaged skin tissue can continue to repair itself. Therefore promoting the normal growth of skin cells. Collagen also plays a key role in all stages of wound healing.

The application of collagen

1. Cosmetic additives: fish collagen powder is easy to absorb. It contains a lot of hydrophilic groups. So as to balance skin moisture. It can also help us remove eyes and acne. So as to keep the skin white and moisturized.

2. Health products: Fish collagen powder can prevent cardiovascular diseases. So as to soften blood vessels and suppress blood pressure. This can repair the gastric mucosa and prevent ulcer disease.

3. Food: Fish collagen powder can be used to make frozen foods, beverages, dairy products, candies, pastries, etc.

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