Gelatin is a food additive that is widely used in the food industry, except for meat and confectionery products. Gelatin also as juice clarifier. As a supplier of gelatin, let’s introduce the usage of gelatin as a clarifying agent for juice.


gelatin clarify juice

What is gelatin

Before introducing gelatin as a clarifying agent for juice, we will first introduce what gelatin is. Gelatin is partially degrad by collagen in connective tissues such as animal skin, bone, muscle membrane, muscle charm, etc., and becomes white or light yellow, translucent, slightly shiny flakes or powder particles. Therefore, it is also called animal gelatin and fat glue. Gelatin belongs to a kind of macromolecular hydrocolloid/food glue. It is a low-calorie health food with high nutritional value. People can use it to make candy additives, frozen food additives, etc. Gelatin is soluble in hot water but insoluble in cold water. But it can slowly swell and soften by absorbing water, and gelatin can absorb 5-10 times the weight of water.

Introduction of method of gelatin clarify juice

Gelatin tannin clarification method. The amount of gelatin varies with the type of juice and the type of gelatin. Therefore, for each juice, each type of edible gelatin and tannin, a clarification test is require before use. Then determine its usage. Under normal circumstances, the amount of gelatin is about 1%. The amount of tannin is about 0.3% to 0.5%. Slowly add to the juice under constant stirring. After mixing uniformly, let stand at room temperature 8-12 for 5-10 hours. If the temperature is too high, the clarification rate will be slow. Turbidity may appear if the temperature is too low.

Gelatin as juice clarifier

In the process of juice production and production, clarification of juice is a very important link. The clarification process refers to the process of fixing and precipitating suspended particles that cause the turbidity of wine or juice. The most convenient thing is to add a flocculating substance to the product. Edible gelatin and hydrolyzed gelatin are especially suitable for the clarification of red wine, beer and apple juice. It can improve the transparency of the product and reduce the astringency of the finished beverage. Without any negative impact on taste.

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