The use of edible gelatin is very popular in the food industry. It has many uses in food and is a good food additive. Such as ice cream, yogurt, jell, etc. Gelatin is usually applied in food applications. As gelatin supplier, I will introduce it to you.

Gelatin in food applications

Application of edible gelatin in cold food

Ice cream

In the production of ice cream, edible gelatin can evenly distribute fat and other solid components. It prevent the separation of milk components and increase the ice crystals during manufacture and storage. It can make the texture of ice cream fine, smooth and delicious. In the production of ice cream, edible gelatin can interact with the cations in milk to produce unique gelling properties. It can increase the moldability and melting resistance of ice cream, improve the stability of ice cream when temperature fluctuates. And it is not easy to place. melt. Gelatin is usually applied in food applications.

In ice cream production, although edible gelatin is not suitable as the main stabilizer. A good auxiliary stabilizer  is use the edible gelatin to prevent whey separation at very low concentrations. Although edible gelatin will increase the viscosity of the system, it cannot contain enough glue to stabilize the system. Locust bean gum, guar bean gum and carboxymethyl cellulose are good primary stabilizers when used alone or in combination. However, they share the same disadvantage, namely that they can cause the whey to separate from the ice cream mixture. Therefor, adding gelatin can prevent this phenomenon from happening. Gelatin is usually applied in food applications.

The  amount use of edible gelatin used in ice cream

Different types of ice cream have different requirements. For example, if the content of special fat ice cream is low, there is can not use emulsifier; while high-grade ice cream contains a large amount of dairy products, the milk protein in it can also act as an emulsifier. According to the production process, it need formulate. Different products to adjust.

We should pay attention to the application of gelatin to ice cream

First, you can add a small amount of starch to fill, if the quantity is large, there will be a powdery texture, and the taste is not good;
Second, the amount of gelatin is less, mostly used in the freezing process after aging. Gelatin is usually apply in food applications.

The complex reaction between gelatin and protein can improve the stability of ice cream under temperature fluctuations, increase the moldability and melting resistance of ice cream, prevent the precipitation of whey, improve the foaming properties of the product. And then form fine and stable bubbles to control the formation of ice crystals prevents the shrinkage of ice cream, improves taste and quality.

The use of edible gelatin application in yogurt

Yogurt can use gelatin  to improve the body, texture, taste, viscosity, and appearance of yogurt to bring satisfactory characteristics to the yogurt. Adding edible gelatin to yogurt, under low pH conditions, the surface anions of the edible gelatin interact with the surface cations of the protein to form a network structure to prevent whey separation. Another function of gelatin is to restrain water and increase the viscosity of yogurt. In addition, it can also form a network through the interaction with milk components, which can prevent the free flow of water.