Capsules have hard capsule and soft capsule. It is very helpful for us in our daily life. Edible hard capsule shell have many advantages.

The composition of hard capsule

Edible Hard capsule shell is an oral medicine. It delivers drugs, minerals, vitamins or other healthy ingredients into the body through supplements. These useful packages achieve reliable dosage, portability and high consumer compliance. Therefore alternatives include more troublesome liquid, powder or paste formulations.

Specifically, the edible hard capsule shells consists of two cylindrical shells. One end of each shell is closed. The upper part is the cap, and its diameter is slightly larger than the lower part is the main body. These two parts are perfectly combine to form a sealed unit. Edible hard capsules are produced before being filled with active ingredients. In the second step, the manufacturer fills the active ingredient. Or drug into empty gelatin capsules. As the world’s population ages. Consumers are starting to focus to health. This requires a dosage form that is easy to use. Also easy to swallow and carry. The raw material of hard capsule is useful for us.

The main type of gelatin used in edible capsules is usually from cattle or pigs. According to filler, formula and target market group. Manufacturers have flexibility in the types of raw materials. Some manufacturers will choose a association of pig and cow. For example, beef bone gelatin promotes to the sturdy of the capsule. On the other hand, the selection of pigs has features of plasticity and clarity.

Hard capsule is useful for us

The benefit of hard capsule

Like its soft capsule products, edible hard capsule shell provide value to consumers and manufacturers. These advantages are mainly attribute to their main ingredient gelatin. Gelatin is very hard and is a colorless dry powder. It has been used for many food and pharmaceutical purposes for centuries. Generally, gelatin dissolves in the human body at normal body temperature. Make it an ideal ingredient for hard capsules. While protecting the active substance in the capsule from the influence of external substances.

Edible hard capsule shells make it easy for consumers to swallow. Consumers also request that the size and color of the capsule. So these can help them more easily identify the corresponding medicine or nutrient inside. For manufacturers, gelatin provides fast machinable and setting time. There are also ideal dissolution characteristics and the best protection of filling ingredients. The manufacturer can then sell the empty hard gelatin capsules to manufacturers that fill them with drugs or nutrients. Moreover, reputable gelatin suppliers provide certifications for different types of gelatin. In this way, a wide range of consumer needs and preferences can meet. Hard gelatin capsules are also easy to fill. So we can find hard capsule is useful for us.

The production process of edible hard capsule shell

Edible hard capsule shells are produced on a large machine. The machine consists of polished stainless steel needles. It immersed in a solution of gelatin substance. In the drying tunnel, the gelatin dries in a gentle way. The airflow, temperature and humidity are precisely to control. Under these conditions, the gel mass forms a thin film on the needle shaped. Which like a cap. Then peel this half of the capsule from the pin. Then the dry cap and body of the capsule are exactly cut. It connect with the counterpart of the hard capsule. Before the empty capsule is package and ship. The manufacturer can print on the capsule for consumer identification.

Different from tablets and compressed powders. Hard gelatin capsules are a convenient delivery system. Can well encapsulate active fillers. Due to the low friction properties of the capsules. So they are easy to swallow. Thereby promoting higher compliance. Pill is usually a generic term. These include any solid oral administration of drugs or minerals and vitamins. These all prove hard capsule is useful for us.