Some girls and children like to eat cakes, especially all kinds of desserts. So we can choose gelatin wholesale. Because as a food additive, edible gelatin is used to produce various dessert cakes. How to use edible gelatin make cake?

Edible gelatin for cake

The benefits of edible gelatin

Cream cakes and other western cakes widely use gelatin. As a stabilizer, even in hot days when the liquid phase increases. The cake will not mix into it. And the function of gelatin also lies in its ability to reduce the dehydration and shrinkage of pastries and its foaming effect. Emulsify meat products to use it such as pate. And  which can maintain the original flavor and characteristics. Adding 0.35% gelatin into the whipped cream can stabilize the stirring effect and reduce the loss of fat due to its emulsification. In confectionery or pastry production, and the bonding effect of edible gelatin can use to make layers of confectionery or cakes. And then a  variety of candy or cake shapes can wrap high transparency gelatin. As if wearing a layer of bright clothes, can also coat with a layer of granulated sugar. Using edible gelatin to make cake.

The use of edible gelatine

Cake gelatin is made directly from gelatin tablets. Which are mainly use to make mousse cakes or pudds, and gelatin tablets. Animal bones, fascia, skin and tendons make them. AGAR make some cake gelatin.  And the AGAR is a substance, it brings a lot of benefits to the body. In addition to a certain viscosity, can play a role in bonding, there is a fluffy effect. It can make the cake become more Gabon soft waxy. Gelatin, the most common cake on the market, is mostly made of animal bones. Such as cows or pigs, pig skin, for example, has a high collagen content and is very sticky. Making it ideal for cake gelatin with special processes. Using edible gelatin to make cake.

Composition and characteristics of gelatin

Fresh cow skin and pig skin with a full set of stainless steel equipment make edible gelatin. And strict screening of fresh bone skin. Through dozens of process lines make it. Such as repeated washing, degreasing and neutralization, cooking and liquefaction, sterilization and filtration, concentration and drying. Produce gelatin as a odorless, colorless (a light yellow), translucent, rigid amorphous material. It does not dissolve in organic solvents, it absorb water, high viscosity. Gelatin is a peptide molecular aggregation substance, is collagen protein hydrolysate. So can use as an additive, should be keep dry, clean, uniform, no inclusions.Using edible gelatin to make cake.

This product is a rubber strip, film and powdery granular material (powdery granular glue is commonly used) made from the skin of pigs, cattle, mules and horses (except other animal skins) after impurity removal, disinfection and boiling to form juice. And then dehydration and manufacturing. Should pass through aperture 4mm standard screen namely 5 mesh. This product contains 18 kinds of amino acids and 90% collagen, rich health care and beauty effect. With excellent colloid protection, surface activity, viscosity, film forming, suspension, buffering, wetting, stability and water soluble.

In hot water to form a thermal reversible gel can dissolve edible gelatin. And which has excellent physical properties. Such as gel strength, affinity, high dispersion, low viscosity, dispersion stability, water holding. Coating, toughness and reversibility. So gelatin is an important food additive. Such as as food gelatinizer, stabilizer, thickener, foaming agent, emulsifier, dispersant, clarifying agent, etc., is widely use by us. So we can using edible gelatin to make cake.

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