Edible gelatin is an additive in candies, used in the production of toffee, meringue, marshmallows, etc. So gelatin wholesale is also very popular. Therefore how to use gelatin to make candy?

edible gelatin for candy

Benefits of make candy by gelatin

In candy production, jelly agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, adhesive, water retention agent. Used in the production of jelly, candy, jelly can use gelatin. Such as protein, sugar, cotton, sugar. Gelatin have the function of the suction and the formation of the bone. Its particles dissolve in water, attract, interweave each other, form a mesh structure. And with the temperature drop and condensation. The gel holes are completely full by the sugar and water. So that the soft candy has a stable shape and does not deform under a large load. The gelatin used is more elastic, toughness and transparency than starch and AGAR. Especially in the production of elastic enough, full shape of fudge, toffee, more need high quality gelatin gel strength.Using edible gelatin to make candy.

Gelatin is a kind of white or light yellow, translucent, lustrous flakes or powder particles. Which are partially degraded by collagen in connective tissue. Such as animal skin, bone, sarcolemma and succulent muscle. Therefore, we also call it animal gelatin or fat gelatin. Which is a kind of low calorie food gelatin/hydrophilic colloid with high nutritional value.

Gelatin has the function of absorbing water and supporting the bone. After being dissolved in water, gelatin particles can attract and interweave each other to form a network structure of overlapping layers. And condenses with the temperature drop. So that the gap of the gel are completely fill by the sugar and water. And the soft candy can maintain a stable form. Even under a large load does not deformation.Using edible gelatin to make candy.

How much different candies to make candy

Gelatin in candy generally add 5% ~ 10%. It works best when the gelatin is 6% in jellybeans. The amount of gelatin in the gummy candy is 6.17%. In nougat it is 0.16% to 3% or more. Add 1.15% to 9% in the thick syrup of candy slime. The ingredients of sugar-flavored pastilles or jujube candies are required to contain gelatin 2% ~ 7%. In confectionery production, gelatin has more elasticity, toughness and transparency than starch and AGAR. Especially when producing soft candy and toffee with sufficient elasticity and full shape. High quality gelatin with strong gel strength in need. Using edible gelatin to make candy.

It can as stabilizer, emulsifier

It will not only produce foam, and can make the foam stable. Can make other substances evenly distributed in the gelatin solution, no sedimentation, no precipitation. A stabilizer of emulsion can not only  use edible gelatin, but also as a protective colloid for micro foam and suspended solids. Edible gelatin helps to form oil-in-water emulsions, which can emulsify the oil of meat products and maintain the original characteristics. Using the emulsifying properties of edible gelatin, the oil in meat products can form an emulsion. Making the soup thick and not greasy, easy to digest, and rich in nutrition. Using edible gelatin to make candy.

Using gelatin to make candy. Edible gelatin in solution can inhibit the crystallization of sugar, or make the formation of crystals smaller. Generally in 70% of the syrup to add about 1% edible gelatin. It an completely inhibit the growth of sugar crystals. In the production of ice cream, edible gelatin as a stabilizer can prevent the formation of coarse ice crystal. But also can reduce the melting rate of ice cream. Coupled with the emulsification and freezing effect of edible gelatin. Make the ice cream soft and smooth, taste fine. So we can using edible  gelatin to make candy.

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