Today, we will show you how to make gelatin jelly at home. The fact that gelatin is widely used in cooking are known to every hostess. It is added to aspic and aspic, and various desserts are prepared on this basis. Jelly is no exception.


How to use gelatin to make gelatin at home?

How to prepare base and dilute gelatin?

Jelly is a delicious dessert not only for children, but also for many adults.Gelatin is a part of it that helps desserts get their frozen structure.The consistency of a jelly depends directly on the amount of gelatin.
The vermicellates of the Trembling dessert need to dilute about 20 grams of ingredients to 1 litre of water.If cutting with a knife is required, increase the amount of material by 2.5 times with the same volume of water.Be careful not to add too little or your dessert won’t freeze.
When the gelatine has swollen slightly, be sure to let it simmer.Water baths are also good for this.As the liquid warms, stir constantly and watch the gelatin, it should dissolve completely.
Then remove the container from the heat and allow it to cool at room temperature.After that, place the future jelly in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

There are a few rules to follow when diluting gelatin:

Do not boil the gelatine at all costs, otherwise it will not thicken;
Avoid using aluminium cookware when heating gelatin, which can result in a dark colour and unpleasant taste;
To avoid caking during product dilution, heat the container with water.Nonetheless, if they have formed, the liquid can be filtered through a sieve;
Do not put gelatine in the refrigerator, otherwise it will crystallize;
You can add a variety of ingredients to diluted gelatin, including fresh fruit, just don’t forget to chop them beforehand.
Simple basic recipe measuring
Jelly – 40g
Water – 1 liter
Preparation time: 360 minutes Calories per 100 g: 28

To prepare classic gelatin jelly, you need a minimum of ingredients — the gelatin itself and the water itself.Pour a finger amount of gelatin (about 3 standard packets) into a cup and add water at room temperature.Let it rise for 40-50 minutes.
Every 10 minutes or so, don’t forget to stir it.Then pour the resulting infusion into a pot, add water and begin to heat over a low heat.
Do not leave the container unattended and constantly stir its contents.Once all dissolved, remove the “candied fruit” from the heat.Pour into deep molds and cool at room temperature.
Then, for a few hours (preferably in the evening), place the dessert in the fridge.

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How to make jelly from jam?

Raw material:
Gelatin – 30 grams;
Jam (any) — 1 cup;
Water – 1 liter;
Sugar to taste.
Cooking time – 6-7 hours.
Calories – 51 calories.

At home, we prepare the jelly dessert by soaking the gelatin in cold water for 1 hour.Fill one cup of water with the indicated amount of substance.While it is injected, continue to prepare the syrup from the jam.To do this, add two cups of water to the product and mix well.

Strain the liquid through a sieve to remove the whole fruit.If you have a sweet tooth, you can add a little sugar to the syrup if you wish.Put the drink on the fire and cook for 10 minutes.

Pour the swollen gelatin into a separate pan and also into the heat.Stir constantly until liquid, but not boiling.Then mix it with the boiled syrup.

The remaining berries from the jam are placed at the bottom of the deep trough and filled with the resulting liquid.Wait until the dessert is at room temperature before sending it into the refrigerator.Before serving, you can garnish it with berries, cream or mint.

How to make gelatin jelly and juice at home?

Raw material:
Gelatin – 20 grams;
Juice (optional) – 500ml.
Cooking time – 6-7 hours.
Calories – 39 calories.

Pour in the required amount of gelatin with 1 cup of juice.Let sit for 30-40 minutes until it has risen.Pour the consistency into the pan and add the remaining juice.

Start on a low heat, stirring constantly, until everything is a uniform substance.Remove the base of the dessert from the heat and pour into the molds.
Only after the room has cooled completely can the container be moved 5-6 hours later, the delicious meal is ready.

Gelatin plum jelly at home

Raw material:
Gelatin – 20 grams;
Granulated sugar — 8 TSP;
Water – 650 ml;
Plums (fresh) – 150g.
Cooking time – 3 hours.
Calories – 38 calories.

Pour the gelatin into 100ml of water and let it sit for 25-40 minutes, depending on the type of product you choose.When the gelatin is inflated, prepare the plums.Initially, the bone is removed and cut into small pieces.Place the billets in a saucepan with water and sugar.Bring the mixture to a boil and boil for about 5 minutes.

Then grind the plum syrup in a blender until smooth.The swollen gelatin is heated in a water bath until completely dissolved.
After that, connect to the consistency of a plum.Mix it well and pour everything into shapes.Chill in the fridge for 3 hours, after which the jelly is ready.


Fruit for dessert jelly at home

The fruit in this jelly recipe can be very different. It is most convenient to pick it up according to the season, and then serve you a delicious dessert jelly at home.

Raw material:
Gelatin – 25 grams;
Strawberries – 200 grams;
Fruit juice (any) — 500ml;
Blueberries – 200 grams;
Raspberries – 200g;
Blackberry – 200 grams;
Peaches (middle) – 2.
Cooking time – 6-7 hours.
Calories – 39 calories.

Pour the required amount of gelatin into the juice (50ml will be enough) and leave for half an hour.At this time we are working on the preparation of fruit ingredients for jelly.

Wash all fruits and berries thoroughly under running water, remove bones and cut them into small pieces.We put them at the bottom of the form and made them very carefully so that they looked beautiful.
Pour the swollen gelatin into a pan, add the remaining juice and begin to heat.Keep stirring until it completely dissolves.Make sure the liquid doesn’t boil.

After that, remove the pan from the heat and leave for 10 minutes, then pour in the fruit.Leave the desserts at room temperature for a few hours, then label them in the fridge overnight.The jelly is ready in the morning.

How to make milk gelatin jelly at home?

Raw material:
Gelatin – 15 grams;
Granulated sugar — 8 TSP;
Milk (preferably high percentage of fat) — 3 cups;
Vanillin – 2 grams.
Cooking time – 6-7 hours.
Calories – 89 calories.

Pour 3 cups of milk into a saucepan, then pour all the gelatin into it.Let sit for half an hour, then transfer the container to a low heat.We heat it and stir until we get a uniform consistency.
After that, it is recommended to skip everything through a small sieve to eliminate caking formation.Add the sugar and vanilla to the resulting liquid, mix everything thoroughly, and pour immediately into the molds.

Cool at room temperature, then refrigerate for 3 hours.Bring the dessert to the table and garnish lightly.Perfect for this grated chocolate, cream or fresh fruit..

To make A delicate sour cream dessert at home.

Raw material:
Gelatin – 2 TSP;
Sour cream (15% fat) – 300 grams;
Granulated sugar — 8 TSP;
Vanillin – 1 g;
Water – 100 ml.
Cooking time – 5-6 hours
Calories – 128 calories.
Mix the water with the gelatin, stir well, and leave to rise for 45 minutes.


When the time has passed, place the container on the heat, disturb and wait for the gelatin to dissolve completely.It is then removed from the oven and cooled for 15 minutes.


At this time we are preparing sour cream.Pour it into a deep glass and add the sugar.Mix well with a spoon.It may take about five minutes by then.Do not use a whisk for these purposes, as you are free to use any sour cream we do not need.

Sour cream

Then add the herbs and mix everything again.Now we’re going to use a whisk, stirring constantly, and pour the slightly cooled gelatin into the sour cream.If there are clumps in it, strain it through a sieve.
The overflow
Pour the mixture into the molds.If desired, their walls can be smeared with unscented vegetable oil.It’s much easier to get the dessert out of the mold.We refrigerate the jelly for 5 hours until it thickens

Helpful tips

Add a dash of lemon juice or red wine to your cooking for a new jell-o flavor;
Before pouring the jellies into the molds, make sure they have a warm bottom.This will help to avoid clumping during solidification;
The base of any jelly — water and gelatin.Show a little imagination by adding your favorite ingredients and delicious desserts.
Deal with gelatin jelly under the power of each hostess.It requires minimal time and composition to prepare.Don’t be afraid to try and please your loved ones with new candies.


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