Gelatin can use as candy, such as soft candy, toffee, etc. It can make candies are more elastic than other candies. So gelatin wholesale is very popular with everyone. We can study how use gelatin to make candy.

In candy production, gelatin is more elastic, tougher, and more transparent than starch and agar. Especially when producing soft sweets with sufficient elasticity, high-quality gelatin with high gel strength is require.

How to use gelatin to make candy?


In the past, gelatin jelly often used the process technology of Australia’s NID production line. The gelatin syrup mixture is about to boil and pour it into a pre-prepared starchy wooden tray. It is dry and dehydrate in a drying chamber. Recently, my country’s confectionery machinery industry has newly developed and mass-produced a gelatin jelly casting production line.

The soft candy making machine completely eliminates the old starch tray process. Both cumbersome and prone to dust pollution. Eliminates the removal of starch residues on the surface of the old process finished product. Reduce the cost of drying room and production energy consumption. It also makes the gelatin glue more transparent, brighter, and improves the quality. The following briefly introduces the main process equipment and process technical points.

The production process of gelatin jelly needs low temperature, which is suitable for the fortification of various vitamins. Conducive to the development of fortified foods and dietary foods. The production of gelatin jelly is the development of gelatin protein resources, which can change the product structure of candies. It is also beneficial to increase the reasonable nutrients in the candy.

The main equipment composition:

Sugar dissolving equipment, vacuum or water bath gelatin melting equipment, vacuum boiling or sugar boiling equipment, cooling molding equipment, drying room.

Commercial soft candy machine technological process:

Syrup conversion → injection mould → cooling → demoulding → sieve tray → moisture drying → selection → equilibrium temperature difference → packaging → boxing

Main points of use gelatin to make candy:

1. Gelatin fudge is based on gelatin. Different Ruantang varieties use different physical and chemical properties of gelatin. The production of gelatin gums should be based on different types of gums. The choice of gelatin should be scientific and reasonable.

2. When liquid glucose is use to produce gelatin gums, sometimes the quality of liquid glucose is unstable, which will directly affect the quality of gums. If fructose is use instead of liquid glucose to produce gelatin, the soft candy produced can keep the sugar body soft and the flavor pure.

3. Gelatin is used to make soft sweets. Pay special attention to the nature of gelatin that is easily destroyed by heat and acid. Although gelatin gel has excellent reversibility, in the case of overheating, gelatin may become an irreversible colloid. In the production of gelatin jelly, citric acid is often used as a flavoring agent. The pH of the boiled syrup is about 3.5-4. So pay special attention to the reasonable use of gelatin. How use gelatin to make candy?

Gelatin is a reversible hydrocolloid

Although it is not easy to dissolve in cold water, it can swell by absorbing water. When it absorbs more than twice as much water, it dissolves into a sol when heated, and condenses into a soft and elastic jelly when cooled. Gelatin gel gradually melts into a sol above 40°C, and condenses into a gel when cooled to below 30°C. It is the main feature of gelatin jelly.

Gelatin is a kind of protein colloid, so the influence of acid, alkali and temperature on protein will have certain influence on gelatin. In the production of soft sweets, it is usually fruity. The melting and dehydration process of the material is completed under heating conditions. It inevitably affects the strength and viscosity of gelatin.

Therefore, in the actual production process of gelatin, control the pH value, heating temperature and time of the material, select the appropriate gelatin input amount, input time, and select the appropriate acidifier, input time, and input amount. According to the different design requirements of the products, repeated tests can be carried out to produce qualified products that meet the design requirements.

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