We are all familiar with collagen. Then collagen supplements include bovine collagen, fish collagen, pig collagen and so on. As collagen manufacurer, the following is an introduction of bovine collagen.

bovine collagen

Introduction of bovine collagen

Most of the collagen in the human body is type I, II or III. Type I collagen is by far the most common type. Distributed in bones, ligaments and tendons. Type I also exists in the skin. This is largely responsible for the elasticity and strength of the skin. Type II collagen is mainly distributed in cartilage. But because of the helical stability of collagen. Therefore, it needs to pass through the human digestive system to break down into dipeptides and tripeptides. Then it passes through the vesicles of small intestinal epithelial cells and enters the blood system. And then used by the human body. Bovine collagen is mainly composed of I and III collagen. This collagen plays a major role in the growth and repair of bones, tendons, ligaments and skin.

Introduction the advantages of bovine collagen are:

  • Relieves joint pain: Common in arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Bovine collagen stimulates the production of cartilage. Thus reducing pain.
  • Improve gut Health: Collagen helps your body repair the small holes in your gut wall. Thus decreasing the symptoms of “leaky intestinal tract”.
  • Recovery and Strengthening: Take collagen after exercise. The amino acids in collagen can help you speed up your recovery.

Introduction the types of bovine collagen supplements

The two types of bovine collagen that we will encounter in the supplement market are hydrolyzed collagen and gelatin. Both have the same amino acid spectrum, but their structure and the way they react with the liquid differ.

The first we introduction the types of bovine collagen supplements is gelatin. Gelatin is cooked collagen. It is usually in powder form and is mainly used in desserts because it gelates liquids. If you eat jelly, gravy, egg custard, or any other food that contains this additive, you may have eaten bovine collagen.

The second we introduction the types of bovine collagen supplements is hydrolyzed collagen. Hydrolyzed collagen is collagen that is break down into smaller proteins and is more easily absorb by your body. Then, it means that amino acids can play a role in the body. It is very convenient and can easily add to any hot or cold liquid, such as coffee. In addition, hydrolyzed collagen comes in many forms, including powders, sheets and capsules.

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