Collagen supplements are becoming more common and available. Such as bovine protein, pig protein, chicken protein, fish protein and so on. As collagen manufacturer, the following is an introduction of fish collagen.

fish collagen

Introduction of fish collagen

Fish collagen peptide is a natural health care product people can extract it from fish scale skin. Its main component is collagen. After people eat it, it is good for the skin. It can help the skin retain moisture and increase skin elasticity. Fish collagen peptide has many benefits besides beauty. It can strengthen bones and also toned skin.

The following is an introduction to how fish collagen peptides are made

1. First, introduction the source of fish collagen peptides. The collagen extracted from fish skin in the world is deep sea cod skin. People found that cod mainly in the cold waters of the Pacific and North Atlantic near the Arctic Ocean. Cod is a voracious migratory fish. It is also one of the largest fish catches in the world every year. Has important economic value. Because deep-sea cod has no risks of animal diseases and artificial breeding drug residues in terms of safety. Therefore, it is currently the most recognized fish collagen by women from all over the world.

2. Second, introduction of fish collagen peptide is the molecular weight. Macromolecular collagen and small molecular collagen peptides. The gelatin of the trotters we usually eat contains collagen. But it is a large protein with a molecular weight of more than 300,000 daltons. Therefore, it cannot be directly absorbed by the human body. In addition, its absorption rate is very low. The collagen whose molecular weight is controlled within 6000 Daltons through techniques such as acid-base and enzyme digestion is called collagen peptide.

3. Third, introduction of fish collagen peptides. Peptides are substances between amino acids and macromolecular proteins. A peptide is form by dehydration and condensation of two or more amino acids to form several peptide bonds. Multiple peptides fold in multiple stages to form protein molecules. Peptides are precise protein fragments. Its molecules are only nanometer-sized and are easily absorbed by gastrointestinal, blood vessels and skin. Its absorption rate is much higher than that of macromolecular proteins.

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