Introduction Of Gelatin Supplier are businesses that can supply gelatin.

High-tech production process.

Introduction Of Gelatin Supplier in a complex, multi-stage process using high-tech industrial equipment.

The raw material is the connective tissue of pigs, beef or fish.

Collagen is separated from pig, beef and cattle skin and bones and made into gelatin.

The collagen molecule is a helix formed by intertwined three polypeptide chains. Through the processing process, the collagen molecule denatured and decomposed into the α component (α chain) of a single polypeptide chain and the β group composed of two α chains. It is divided into a γ-component consisting of three α chains, and molecular chain fragments between the two which are smaller than the α-component or larger than the γ-component.

Xiamen Huaxuan Introduction Of Gelatin Supplier

Xiamen Huaxuan Gelatin Co., Ltd. is an expert on manufacturing gelatin and collagen with an R&D team of over 16 years of experience. It is a Chinese food ingredient supplier and manufacturer with a manufacturing plant. The manufacturing base covers a large area and produces a very large amount of gelatin every year. Both industrial and food grade gelatin is regularly exported to many countries, which are certified by professional certificates.

We are committed to the pursuit of world-class quality, safety, efficiency and innovation to maintain the continued growth of our strategic partners and Xiamen Huaxuan gelatin business.

Introduction Of Gelatin Supplier: Gelatin classification

1. According to the production method, gelatin is divided into alkaline gelatin (also known as type B gelatin), acid gelatin (also known as type A gelatin) and enzymatic gelatin. The biggest difference between the three kinds of gelatin is that the pretreatment process in the gelatin production process adopts different methods. The yield of alkaline gelatin (also known as type B gelatin) is the first among the three kinds of gelatin. The raw material is pretreated in an alkaline medium and extracted in a neutral medium after neutralization. Type A gelatin refers to the gelatin gained by pretreatment of raw materials in acidic medium and extraction in acidic medium. Enzymatic gelatin refers to the gelatin extracted from the medium with moderate pH after the raw material is pre-processed with enzymes.

2. According to the application, gelatin can be divided into edible gelatin, medicinal gelatin, photographic gelatin and industrial gelatin.

3. Gelatin can be divided into high-grade gelatin, low-grade gelatin and bone glue according to the quality. Among them, high-grade gelatin is referred to as gelatin, foreign gelatin is called gelatin, and low-grade gelatin and bone glue are called Glue.