As a supplier of gelatin, it is necessary for us to inform everyone about the usefulness of gelatin. Gelatin can be used to make candies, jellies, cakes and a series of delicacies. Such as starry sky yokan. Here we will introduce the function of wholesale gelatin in make sky yokan.

the function of wholesale gelatin

The function of wholesale gelatin to make starry yokan

Step 1. Add doubled water to the red beans and simmer on high heat until the red beans are boil.

Step 2. Pick up the gelatin slices that have been softened in ice water in advance. Furthermore, put them into a bowl with insulated water to melt into gelatin melt(Complete melting allows wholesale gelatin’s function better).

Step 3. Add fine sugar to the boiled red beans and continue to boil to thicken.

Step 4. Use a food processor to beat the boiled red beans into red bean puree, then add the gelatin solution and stir evenly.

Step 5. Pour the red beans into the inclined box, flatten them, and put them in the refrigerator until they solidify.

Step 6. Pour the granulated sugar into the milk, and melt it while heating while stirring. In addition, it does not need to heat to boiling.

Step 7. Add the gelatin solution to the milk mixture while it is hot and stir evenly(The function of wholesale gelatin in this case is thickening).

Step 8. Use chopsticks to drain and pour it into the box, and put it in the refrigerator until it solidifies.

Step 9. Since the cocktail is at room temperature, add the gelatin solution while stirring quickly to avoid granulation(The function of wholesale gelatin here is emulsification).

Step 10. Pour the cocktail solution into the completely coagulated milk layer and put it in the refrigerator until it coagulates.

Step 11. Rinse the butterfly pea flowers, add hot water and fine sugar to brew until the color of the scented tea becomes darker. Moreover, the fine sugar is completely melt.

Step 12. The scented tea is separate from water to remove impurities, and then the gelatin solution is add to the scented tea and mixed thoroughly(The function of wholesale gelatin here is also emulsification).

Step 13. Add the scented tea solution to the box gently and then put it in the refrigerator.

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