There are many ways to produce pectin. As a manufacturer of pectin, I will introduce the production process of manufacturer apple pectin for apricot jam.

Manufacture apple pectin for apricot jam

Membrane separation technology manufacture apple pectin for apricot jam

This time we will introduce the use of membrane separation technology to produce apple pectin. Membrane Technology uses natural or synthetic polymer films. A method of separating, classifying, purifying and enriching two-component or multi-component solutes and solvents with external energy or chemical potential as the driving force. Moreover, it can be used for liquid and gas phase, for liquid phase separation. It can be used in aqueous systems, hydrosol systems and non-aqueous systems, etc. Membrane technology is a separation technology at the molecular level.

In addition to polymer membranes (organic membranes) to produce apple pectin, the separation membranes currently in use also include inorganic membranes. Compared with organic membranes, inorganic membranes have the following characteristics for produce apple pectin:

Good thermal stability

Higher operating temperature

Good chemical stability

Wide application range of pH

Strong anti-microbial ability and does not work with it

High mechanical strength

Good clean

Easy to regenerate and clean

Narrow pore size distribution

Good separation performance, etc.

The use of inorganic membranes to produce apple pectin can not only remove most of the water in the pectin extract during pectin concentration. It can also remove most of the impurities such as sugars and oligomers. Not only can the extract be concentrated, but it can also be purified to improve the quality of the finished pectin.


Compared with vacuum concentration, the use of membrane separation and concentration technology to produce apple pectin has low energy consumption (liquid has no phase change). Furthermore, the operation process is simple and selective. It can also remove sugar and oligomers in pectin extract. Thereby improving the quality of pectin. No need to heat, no harm to the quality of pectin. Therefore, equipment maintenance is convenient, simple and other advantages.

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