There are many ways to manufacture pectin. As one of the excellent pectin manufacturers, we will introduce to you one of the production methods of manufacture apple pectin for black raspberry jam by enzymatic hydrolysis.

Manufacture apple pectin for black raspberry jam

The production method of manufacture apple pectin for black raspberry jam-enzymatic hydrolysis

Due to the combination of pectin molecules with calcium, magnesium and iron ions, cell wall polysaccharides such as cellulose and hemicellulose form covalent bonds with pectin molecules. And the hydroxyl groups in the pectin molecules form ionic bonds with the components of the cell wall. And the pectin molecules are connect to each other. Physical entanglement with other ingredients, etc. And make pectin exist in the form of original pectin. After proper treatment with enzymes, the yield of pectin can increase due to the degradation of the cell wall. Enzymatic hydrolysis simplifies the process.

Enzymatic extraction of pectin is basically divided into two stages. We use the acid method to extract a small amount of pectin. Then the enzymatic hydrolysis to extract the remaining pectin will greatly shorten the reaction time and reduce the amount of enzyme added. Therefore, the advantages of the enzymatic method and the acid method can be fully utilized to shorten the reaction time and obtain pectin with a higher molecular weight. In addition, with the development of the enzyme preparation industry, the cost of enzyme preparations has decreased. Enzymatic extraction of pectin will be a very promising new method.


The relative molecular mass (5.6×104) and extraction rate (91.02%) of pectin extracted by enzymatic hydrolysis are much higher than those of acid method (relative molecular mass 4.3×104, extraction rate 42.0%). This provides necessary conditions for the industrialization of sugar beet pectin and further modification to improve the quality of pectin.

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