As a pectin supplier, we will introduce the gel characteristics of manufacturer apple pectin for blackberry preserves.

Manufacture apple pectin for blackberry preserves

The gel properties of manufacture apple pectin for blackberry preserves

First, we will introduce the gel properties to you. Gelation degree is one of the main indicators to measure the quality of pectin. It refers to the ability of how many solids (usually sucrose and glucose) can be made into a jelly with a certain hardness and quality per part of pectin under certain conditions. That is to measure the ability of pectin to form a gel.

Gelation degree is an important parameter for judging the quality of pectin in industry. And then, the US-SAG method and pressure crushing method are mainly used to determine the gelation degree of pectin. Commercialized pectin gelation requirements (US-SAG): high-ester pectin (150 degrees ± 5 degrees) and low-ester pectin (100 degrees ± 5 degrees). Moreover, the raw materials of our pectin manufacturer are citrus peel and apple peel. One of the key reasons is that the gelation degree of pectin prepared from other raw materials cannot meet the requirements of commercialization.

Modification of apple pectin

The modification of pectin mostly adopts pH method. Besides, pH modified pectin refers to alkali treatment of pectin extracted by acid method (normally adjust the pH to 10). Incubate at a relatively mild temperature (50~60 ℃) for a certain period of time, most studies use 60min. Then adjust the pH to acidic (usually adjust to about 3). The main principle is based on neutral or alkaline conditions. Especially when the temperature  increase, the pectin solution will degrade rapidly and in a large amount. Including the scission of the glycosidic bond between the HG and RG backbone, the deesterification of the galacturonic acid part on the backbone. Furthermore, the decomposition of the neutral sugars on the branch.

The main modification reaction mechanism of apple pectin is that the pectin molecule undergoes β-elimination reaction and deesterification reaction under alkaline conditions. The HG main chain break, and some polygalacturonic acid oligomers and RGI generate. Then some branched neutral sugars, especially arabinose residues, remove under acidic conditions. The final MP will be GI rich in galactose chains and arabinopolygalactose chains.

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