Pectin has many benefits for our body. We can manufacture apple pectin for elderberry jelly. Below we will briefly introduce the benefits of eating pectin-the proliferation of intestinal bacteria.

Manufacture apple pectin for elderberry jelly

Briefly introduce the benefits of edible manufacturer apple pectin for elderberry jelly

The microecological balance of human intestinal flora is closely related to health. After apple pectin enters the human digestive tract, it cannot be decomposed due to lack of related digestive enzymes, and it enters the large intestine almost unaffected. In the large intestine, bacteria degrade it through glycosidase secreted to the outside of the cell. Then it is absorbed and used, so apple pectin can be used as a carbon source for probiotics, selectively stimulating the growth and activity of probiotics. As a result, probiotics can proliferate, but E. coli cannot use it or the utilization rate is very low. Apple pectin has a significant growth-promoting effect on Bifidobacterium or Lactobacillus acidophilus, but has no growth-promoting effect on Escherichia coli.

On the other hand, as a substrate for probiotic fermentation, apple pectin can produce short-chain fatty acids. Apple pectin will lower the pH value of the intestinal tract, and the acidic environment of the intestinal tract has strong antibacterial and bactericidal effects. It can control the growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. The organic acids and bacteriocins produced by lactic acid bacteria in the intestine can also inhibit the growth of E. coli and spoilage bacteria. Apple pectin promotes the proliferation of probiotics in large quantities, forms a micro-ecological competitive advantage, produces antagonistic substances, and directly inhibits the growth and reproduction of exogenous and inherent intestinal spoilage bacteria.

Generally speaking, apple pectin is the best food for beneficial bacteria in the intestines. It promotes the reproduction of bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria, and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestines. This is beneficial to the normal functions of normal intestinal bacteria in shielding, nutrition and immunity.


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