As a pectin supplier, we can manufacture apple pectin for grape jelly. Below we will introduce the application and dosage of apple pectin.

Manufacture apple pectin for grape jelly in food application and dose
Application of apple pectin in jam and jelly

Apple pectin has a gelling effect on quickly pull and jello. Therefore, the finished product is delicate, full of elasticity and toughness, adding fragrance, making the taste smooth and refreshing. Dosage reference: 0. 3%-0. 6%.

Software of apple pectin in popsicles and ice cream

Apple pectin plays a role of emulsification and stabilization in popsicles and ice cream. And then, the finished product includes a delicate and smooth flavor. Dosage research: 0. 1%-0. 2%.

Apple pectin is used in yogurt, lactic acid bacteria, fruit juice

Apple pectin includes a stabilizing and thickening effect in yogurt, lactic acid bacteria, and juice. Because it can extend the shelf life of products and features a natural fruit taste. Dosage guide: 0. 1%-0. 3%.

Program of Apple Pectin in Baked Food

Apple pectin can improve the characteristics of the dough, enhance the flavor and extend the shelf existence in baking foods. Dosage reference: 0. %-0. 8% of the amount of flour.

App of apple pectin in low-sugar meals

Apple pectin is utilized in low- sugar foods. The jelly made from low-ester pectin can invigorate the stomach, increase food intake, and relieve lead poisoning. Therefore , it is a health meals for children. Reference dosage: zero. 3%-0. 8%.

Software of apple pectin in pulp-based beverages

Apple pectin contains a stabilizing impact. Because it may solve the problem of layering and wall sticking of orange and pulp-containing suspended beverages. So that the pulp is usually evenly distributed in the beverage, and the flavour is good.


The above is a brief introduction to the application of apple pectin. Thank you intended for watching this blog. Finally, I would like to say that we are not only one of the best pectin manufacturers in China, but also a collagen manufacturer with many years of experience. If you want to buy it or want to know more item information, please feel free to contact us.