Apples are an essential part of our lives. So the role of apple pectin is no less important than the importance of apple to us. Let’s introduce to you manufacture apple pectin for plum jam.

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Introducing our company’s apple pectin

Apple pectin belongs to the category of water-soluble dietary fiber, which has the functions of controlling weight. Improving immunity, maintaining intestinal flora. Improving intestinal environment, improving constipation. Removing harmful foreign substances, cardiovascular disease. Reducing cholesterol and preventing diabetes. In addition, we can also use pectin as a food additive or ingredient in the food industry, mainly to gel, thicken, improve texture, emulsify and stabilize. Here is an introduction to the use of apple pectin in jam.

Manufacture apple pectin for plum jam

If the apple pectin content in the raw material is too small when producing jam. Then the thickening effect of pectin can be used, and 0.20% pectin can be used as a thickening agent. Here is a example of manufacture apple pectin for plum jam.

Put the skins of the plums in a pot, add 300ml of water, and cook on medium-low heat until the water is reduced by half. The plum skin becomes soft and the color of the water is already pink. Use a strainer to remove the California plum skin and save the juice for later use.

Peel off the skin of the red apple, use a corer to dig out the core, cut into strips, and then cut into small dices.

Mix the apples, sugar, and lemon juice together, put them in a pot, mix with the California plum peel juice cooked above, and heat over a medium-to-low heat.

After about 10 minutes, add apple pectin, stirring occasionally when cooking. So as not to stick to the bottom of the pot or burn.

Continue to cook until the jam begins to feel thick and reaches the end temperature of 103°C, which is the end temperature of the jam.

Put it into the jam jar while it is hot and invert it. After 30 minutes of inversion, wash the bottle body, put it at room temperature for 3-7 days. And then put it in the refrigerator.

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