As one of the best pectin manufacturers in China, we will briefly introduce our manufacturing process of citrus pectin.

Manufacture citrus pectin

Manufacturing process of citrus pectin

Step one of manufacturing citrus pectin: raw materials and processing

(1) Weigh 40 g of fresh citrus peel. After washing with clean water, put it in a beaker. Add 250 mL of water. And then, heat to 90 °C for 10 minutes. Inactivate enzymes to prevent enzymatic hydrolysis of pectin.

(2) Rinse with water and cut into 3~5 mm particles. Rinse with 50-60 °C hot water in a 250mL beaker. Until the water is rinsed to be colorless and the peel has no peculiar smell (the purpose of rinsing is mainly to remove pigments, etc., to affect the color and quality of pectin). In order to improve the quality and effect of rinsing, people use nylon cloth or four-layer gauze wrap the peel particles for rinsing. For each rinse, squeeze the peel dry with nylon cloth, and then perform the next rinse.

Step two of manufacturing citrus pectin: acid extraction

(1) Put the rinsed peel pellets into a beaker. Add 0.2 mol/L hydrochloric acid to immerse the peel to adjust the pH of the solution between 2.0 and 2.5. Heat to 90 °C and keep it in a constant temperature water bath for 1 hour. During the heat preservation period, stir constantly (due to heating, the water basin and hydrochloric acid will generate and cause the pH value to change. So during the extraction process, the water and hydrochloric acid must be constantly added to control the pH value between 2.0-2.5).

(2) Filter with a Buchner funnel lined with nylon cloth (100 mesh) or four layers of gauze while it is hot, and collect the filtrate.

(3) Add 0.5% to 1% activated carbon in the filtrate. Heat to 80 °C and decolorize for 20 min. While hot extraction filter (such as orange peel rinsing clean, filtrate clean brew, can not decolorize).

Step three of manufacturing citrus pectin: alcohol precipitation

(1) After cooling the filtered solution, adjust the pH value between 3-4 with 6 mol/L ammonia water.

(2) Add 95% ethanol under constant stirring. Add in the amount of pectin: ethanol=1:1.3 (volume ratio). Then, make the alcohol concentration of the mixed solution reach 50%-60%. Then stand for 20 minutes to allow the pectin to settle completely.

(3) Filter the pectin with 100-mesh nylon cloth, squeeze it dry and crush it. Rinse again with 95% ethanol,
Squeeze it dry on nylon cloth for later use, and recycle the alcohol waste liquid. The product is dried in an oven at 105 degrees Celsius, the yield rate is calculated, and the appearance quality of the product is observed.

Pectin yield = pectin yield / pectin dosage X 100%


The above is a brief introduction to the manufacturing process of citrus pectin. Not only are we one of the best pectin manufacturer in China, we are also collagen and collagen manufacturers. If you want to buy it or want to know more product information, please feel free to contact us.