With the increasing popularity of oral beauty care products, dozens of different collagen supplements have appeared today. We introduce you to collagen, which means collagen manufacturer introduce to you collagen.

manufacturer introduce collagen

The manufacturer first introduce the three basic types of collagen

1. Gelatin-based collagen supplements

2. Hydrolyzed collagen supplements

3. Collagen-enhancing supplements

The second thing the manufacturer wants to introduce is the source of collagen supplements

Common sources are:

1. Beef skin (bovine collagen)

2. Fish (Marine Collagen)

3. Chicken breast bone (type II collagen)

4. Pork collagen (pork collagen)

Finally, the manufacturer wants to introduce that collagen can be divided into two types according to its role

1. Collagen type specificity

2. Bioavailability of different collagens

The properties of collagen vary from source to source. In addition, the molecular and amino acid composition of collagen extracted from different sources will have a great influence. Moreover, the collagen extracted from fish skin or scales is type I collagen. Therefore, it is the highest protein content in human skin. Besides, fish collagen has many advantages. For example, high safety (no porcine foot-and-mouth disease or bovine spongiform encephalopathy and bovine spongiform encephalopathy), high absorption, no religious barriers, and biocompatibility. Different fields can use it such as health food, cosmetics and biomedicine.

As a collagen manufacturer, we will introduce you with an example. Like marine (fish) collagen and bovine collagen. Furthermore, the most obvious difference is that marine collagen is made from fish skin, fish bone or fish scales. Otherwise, the bovine collagen is made from cowhide. If the same type of hydrolysis. Smaller peptides (peptides = protein fragments) consist of fish collagen than bovine collagen. Therefore, the ease of digestion, absorption and distribution in the human body is increased by 1.5 times. Therefore, this increased bioavailability means that the body will derive more benefits from its anti-aging and tissue building effects.

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