Gelatin is indeed an important ingredient for desserts. Such as mousse, no-bake cheesecake, no-bake pudding and so on. The reason why Gelatin can use in various pastries. It is because it has the property of gelatinizing the material without destroying the taste. Therefore, as gelatin manufacturer, I will introduce gelatin to you.

Therefore, As gelatin manufacturer, I will introduce gelatin to you.

Manufacturer introduce gelatin

Gelatin is also known as gelatin or isinglass. It is a water-soluble protein extract from animal bones (mostly cattle bones or fish bones). When a sufficient amount of gelatin dissolve in hot water or other liquids. It will condense into a solid after cooling or refrigerating. Gelatin is divide into two types: flake and powder.

Next, manufacturer introduce gelatin is that flaky gelatin is also called gelatin tablets. Translucent yellow-brown, with a fishy smell, need to soak in water to remove the fishy. Gelatin flakes refine by decolorization and deodorization are more transparent in color and higher in price. Gelatin tablets must store in a dry place, otherwise they will stick to moisture.

The powdered gelatin is also called gelatin powder, which is also the “gelatin powder” in Hong Kong-style recipes. The effect is exactly the same as gelatin tablets.

About the production points of Gelatin

1) The first manufacturer introduce gelatin is that when replacing gelatin powder and gelatin tablets, a 1:1 ratio can use for replacement. For example, 5g gelatin powder use in the recipe, so if you also use gelatin flakes instead, 5g is enough.

2) Gelatin requires 5 times the amount of water, which is not list in some formulas.

3) The third manufacturer introduce gelatin is that some recipe steps mentioned “adding gelatin slices”. Refers to the processed gelatin tablets. When we use gelatin tablets in the recipe. If the soaking liquid is not list in the formula, soak it in advance. Under normal circumstances, gelatin tablets and gelatin powder will not add directly, which will result in granules. So it is best to add it to other materials after processing.

4) The fourth manufacturer introduce gelatin is that always use cold water to soak the gelatin tablets. If it is soak in warm water, part of the gelatin will lost due to dissolution. This affects the coagulation ability of Gelatin.

5) After the gelatin is soak, we cannot use it immediately due to production or other reasons. It is better to put it in the refrigerator and take it out when you need it.

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