As one of the best pectin manufacturers in China, we will introduce the characteristics of manufacturer pectin for cherry jam.

Introduce the features of producer pectin for cherry jam

Under suitable conditions, the pectin can form a gel and partly undergo methoxylation (methyl esterification, that is, the formation of methanol esters). Its main component is partially methylated α-1, 4-D-polygalacturonic acid. The remaining carboxyl units exist in the form of free acids or form ammonium, potassium sodium and calcium salts. Its molecular formula: (C6H10O6) n is white or yellowish or perhaps light gray, light brown coarse powder to fine powder, almost odorless, slimy taste. Pectin can develop a gel is usually soluble in 20 times water to form a milky white-colored viscous colloidal solution, which is usually weakly acidic. Extremely efficient in preserving heat, nearly insoluble in ethanol and other organic solvents. Moistening with ethanol, glycerin, sugar syrup, or mixing with more than 3 times the sugars can improve solubility. So it’s more stable in an acidic answer than within an alkaline answer.

Pectin can build a gel with elasticity. The mechanism of solution formation of pectin with different esterification degree is different. High methoxy pectin must be at low pH and high glucose concentration to create a gel. Generally, pectin content is require to be <1%, sucrose focus is 58% to 75%, and ph level is definitely 2 . 8 to 3. 5. Because pectin can produce a skin gels can prevent the dissociation of carboxyl groups at pH 2 . 0~3. 5, highly hydrated and charged carboxyl groups can be transformed into uncharged molecules. As a result, the repulsive force between the molecules is definitely reduced, and the hydration of the molecules could be reduced. The result is certainly conducive to intermolecular bonding and the forming of a three-dimensional network structure.

After the sucrose attention reaches 58% to 74%, the degree of solvation of neutral pectin molecules can be greatly reduce due to the competition intended for water molecules by sugars. Conducive to the organization of molecular hydrogen bonds and gels.


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