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What Is Marine Collagen?

Marine collagen is a complex structural protein. In addition to it is a type I collagen. It is also the most abundant collagen in the human body. Type I collagen is best known for providing the foundation for healthy skin and strong bones. This is why consuming marine collagen usually helps keep our bodies healthy.

Although the two names of fish collagen and marine collagen are often interchangeable to use. But marine collagen products sometimes come from shellfish and jellyfish. They may not have the same advantages as fish collagen. Fresh fish is used to make fish collagen supplements. Because these parts are considered waste products in the fish processing process. So using them to make other products is sustainable. This will also help reduce environmental waste and pollution.

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The Benefits of Marine Collagen

1. Good Source of Sustainable Protein

Marine collagen contains more than 97% protein. It contains no measurable fat and sugar. This also makes it one of the best protein foods on the planet. Generally speaking, adequate protein intake can help support athletic performance and recovery. This in addition to help you build muscle mass, and may help control your appetite.

Marine collagen provides essential and non-essential amino acids. Because they are part of protein. So unique amino acids can form marine collagen peptides. These functions help stimulate cells in the skin, joints and bones. It also promotes collagen synthesis through cell activation and growth. This means that the health benefits of fish collagen usually include support for hair, skin, nails, intestines and joints.

2. Improves Sleep Quality

The amino acids in marine collagen are related to positive effects on sleep quality. Therefore, intake of marine collagen before going to bed helps to maintain a satisfactory level of self-perceived sleep quality. Marine collagen is also can to help maintain our core body temperature. This helps to get better sleep.

3. Provides Workout Support

Marine collagen is essentially a concentrated source of amino acids. So it can help the body produce energy. It also helps support muscle mass and athletic performance. Marine collagen acts as an antioxidant. It also helps to monitor cell damage that can cause pain after exercise.

How to Use Collagen?

You may be worried that marine collagen smells or tastes like fish? Do not worry. There are many marine collagen products on the market today that are tasteless. You can easily mix a scoop of collagen powder with coffee, tea or a cup of hot water. Homemade fish soup is another great way to get the benefits of fish collagen. Because real broth is rich in collagen and other health-promoting nutrients. This is just like other types of bone broth.

Collagen powder can provide you with collagen from multiple sources. So you don’t need to choose between different types. It contains no sugar, artificial flavors or artificial preservatives. This ensures that you get the highest quality collagen. It also has hydrolyzed collagen. This means they can be more easily digested and absorbed by your body.

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