We are a supplier of gelatin. Gelatin can be used in many food preparations. For example, we can use gelatin to make jelly, candy, cake and so on. Here’s the role of wholesale gelatin.

the role of wholesale gelatin

The role of wholesale gelatin

Gelatin has many excellent properties and properties. But it also inevitably has some shortcomings. Therefore, it is necessary to make up for and eliminate it by certain means. Or make it have new properties and performance. This is the “modification of gelatin.” There are basically three ways to modify gelatin. Namely pure physical modification, blending modification and chemical modification. Gelatin jelly will not crystallize in warm but not yet melted syrup, and it can be re-formed after being crushed or heated to dissolve. Therefore, the jelly made of gelatin is more elastic than seaweed and pectin.

The role of wholesale gelatin to make mulberry jelly

Step 1. Soak the gelatin tablets soft with cold water.

Step 2. Clean the mulberries again, soak them in a little salt while washing, and then rinse them with clean water.

Step 3. Then pour the mulberries into a food processor or use a cooking stick to break them into puree. Put a little pure water at this time, to make the color lighter, and to make it better.

Step 4. Then put in the milk and gelatin, the milk is good for calcium and nutrition, and the color is more beautiful. The role of wholesale gelatin here is thickening. Then, add the right amount of sugar, the taste is even better. After mixing, pour it into a container and put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours. You can taste it slowly with a spoon after it has solidified. It’s cold, sweet, and smooth.


Gelatin tablets should be soaked in cold water, soak it in hot water and it will melt. So in this way, gelatin can play the best role.

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