Some people don’t like taking medicine or feel bitter. The capsule shell can contain the medicine to prevent us from tasting bitterness. In addition, there are many multicolor hard empty capsules, which is convenient for us to distinguish. As multicolor hard empty capsule manufacturer, introducing multicolor hard empty capsules.

multicolor hard empty capsule

Introducing multicolor hard empty capsule

The benefits of multicolor hard empty capsules

Capsule cap shell and capsule body shell consist of gelatin hollow capsule. Capsule preparation is a kind of more familiar drug preparation form, has the advantages of easy to carry, easy to swallow, easy to protect the drug components, and can make the drug directly act on the patient’s various parts. In addition, gelatin capsules can mask the unpleasant smell and taste of the drug itself. Moreover, it can improve the bioavailability of drugs, disperse quickly and absorb well in gastrointestinal tract. Furthermore, it can improve drug stability and not affect by oxygen, humidity and temperature in the air. Multicolor hard empty capsules can make sustained-release preparation and compound preparation. Moreover, accurate and uniform dose. Furthermore, the recipe is simple.

In recent years, multicolor hard empty capsules are more and more favored by drug manufacturers and consumers. Capsules can contain different powders, liquids, semisolids, and tablets. Besides, capsules have good bioavailability due to their rapid, reliable and safe dissolution. In addition, we can print with text, logos and patterns on the capsules to create a unique custom look. And some drugs must keep under the shade, so the choice of color hollow capsule filling is the best, and to extend the validity of drugs. Color capsules can also help us know drugs.

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