As a natural edible lutein supplier, the lutein we provide is high quality. We can extract a natural pigment called lutein from marigold plants. Lutein is a natural, safe, non-toxic and harmless food additive. Therefore, we can directly add lutein to food like common food additives such as vitamins. Lutein is an important natural pigment and edible health product, and is a green healthy food raw material. Lutein has a wide range of sources and is the main component of natural substances such as vegetables, flowers and fruits. Therefore, lutein is a pure natural edible multifunctional food additive.

Natural edible lutein supplier

Lutein is a fat-soluble vitamin with antioxidant properties. It helps protect the retina of the eye from UV rays. Natural edible lutein helps maintain vision persistence, improve visual response time and reduce visual damage. Therefore, supplementation of lutein can delay the increase in the degree of myopia. The human body cannot make lutein itself, so we must supplement it through external intake. Lutein deficiency can cause blindness in our eyes, so it is necessary for us to supplement lutein.

As we age, people’s vision gradually declines due to the lack of lutein in our body. Therefore, supplementing lutein is very necessary for us, especially if there are children at home. So the sooner we supplement with lutein, the better for our body. As a natural edible lutein supplier, our lutein is bottled,  it’s like fudge. Of course, we also provide customized services, you can request to design your own logo. So you can contact us to explain your requirements, we will design for you according to your requirements.